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Asif hit sixes off every three balls

Asif Ali knows how to hit sixes. Pakistani journalists know. Those who follow Pakistan cricket also know. International cricket has also known since its international debut three years ago. He played only 611 balls in ODIs and T20s. Asif Ali crossed the boundary 48 times. Even after batting in 45 innings in international cricket, Asif has more sixes than 4!

Yesterday, Asif’s ability became known to all cricket spectators around the world. Pakistan needed 24 off 12 balls against Afghanistan. Asif completed all the calculations with 4 sixes in 6 balls with the help of Karim Janat. However, Asif is playing incredible in this World Cup. Asif doesn’t need 3 balls to hit every six in the World Cup.

Pakistan won the World Cup by 10 wickets against India. Due to this, Asif did not play in the match. In the next match against New Zealand, the match was complicated by Pakistan’s top and middle order batsmen. But Asif Nemei brought the match under Pakistan’s control. He made 26 runs from just 12 balls that day. Such an innings with a target of 135 runs is enough to make the fate of the match. Asif hit a 4 with 3 sixes that day.

Yesterday it was over. This time he needed only 6 balls to hit 4 sixes. In other words, Asif hit 6 sixes after playing only 19 balls in the World Cup. That means he doesn’t need 3 balls to hit one six. No one has the ability to hit sixes. Among the batsmen who have hit at least three sixes in the World Cup, Evin Lewis of the West Indies has also hit seven sixes. But his 6 sixes came in 49 balls. Rahmanullah Gurbaj of Afghanistan needs less than 9 balls for sixes. He hit 5 sixes in 44 balls.

Namibia’s David Visar has the most eight sixes in the World Cup. And he needed 65 balls to hit this six. In other words, the all-rounder who played the 2018 World Cup for South Africa is playing a little more than 9 balls per six. Nicholas Puran finished last in the top five with a six. The West Indian batsman has played only 36 balls in 3 matches in the World Cup. And he hit four sixes.

From this side, the batsmen of Bangladesh are far behind. Mahmudullah has the most sixes for Bangladesh in the World Cup. The captain hit 6 sixes in 6 matches. Mahmudullah played 113 balls in 6 innings. In other words, this batsman needs about 19 balls to hit each six. Mushfiqur Rahim was the second fastest to hit a six. His four sixes came in 122 balls. Shakib, who is in the top three, had to play 40 balls for each of the three sixes.

However, if the difficult condition of having to hit at least three sixes is lifted, the statistics of Bangladesh will be quite tolerable. Saifuddin and left-arm spinner Nasum have both hit two sixes in the World Cup due to injuries. And both of them played only 9 balls. In other words, the two played only 4.5 balls per six.

Asif hit sixes off every three balls

Meanwhile, Liton Das hit just one six off 104 balls in the World Cup. Despite playing at least 100 balls, only one person in the World Cup has a record of hitting sixes worse than Liton. Maxwell O’Dowd of the Netherlands, who was knocked out of the World Cup after playing three matches, hit just one six off 106 balls.

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