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Australia has relocated more than 50 Afghan women athlete

Australia has relocated more than 50 Afghan women athlete

The situation in Afghanistan has been volatile since the Taliban took power Afghan women athlete. People are desperate to leave the country, and there have been riots and shootings at Kabul airport. Australia has relocated more than 50 Afghan women athletes and their dependents to safety, according to Australian media outlet ABC. For a week now, the Australian embassy has been working to evacuate Australian citizens and some embassy staff from the country.

About a thousand people have already boarded the flight to Australia. Among them are 50 female athletes and their dependents, according to ABC. Following the Taliban’s takeover of the country, many sports celebrities have suggested the removal of athletes, citing their plight.

FIFPRO, a global organization of professional footballers, has also joined forces to remove athletes from Afghanistan. We are grateful to the Australian Government for removing so many Afghan women footballers and athletes,” the group said in a statement. These young female athletes were in danger. We thank the international community as one of their global partners. Because everyone has come forward with their help. ‘

Former Afghanistan women’s soccer captain Khaleda Popal now lives in Denmark. The news of the removal of the athletes was like a victory to him, “Women footballers have shown courage in this time of crisis, hopefully they can build a better life outside Afghanistan.”

Nicki Dryden, who has competed in two Olympic swimming events for Canada, is helping these Afghan women athletes. They are working with an Australian lawyer to apply for a visa for the athletes, and two Afghan Paralympic athletes are on the list. Former Australia boys national football team captain Craig Foster is also absent. Many athletes in Afghanistan are still in dire straits, according to Fifpro, thanking everyone for extending a helping hand.

A huge US Air Force plane is leaving Kabul airport. Running with the slope of people. The way he managed, he grabbed the plane. Some are trying to catch up. Such a video spread on social media. The incident took place on August 15. Among them were 173 children.

The giant aircraft is a Boeing C-17 Globemaster Three model. The four-engine transport plane is at the center of a massive operation to evacuate Afghans and other nationals from Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. Of course there are more planes from other countries.

However, it is a record for a C-17 aircraft carrying 623 passengers at a time. Together with the driver-crew is to say hulusthul business.

McDonnell Douglas began building C-16s for the U.S. Air Force in the 1960s.  According to Boeing’s website, there are currently 264 C-17s in operation. The largest customers are the US military’s 22 airports at 12 bases, in addition to the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and dozens of other countries occupy the C-17.

Armored vehicles, lorries and even M1 Abrams tanks effortlessly get into the belly of the fat plane. According to the US Air Force, it can carry up to 6,519 kg of cargo. Last Sunday, an Afghan woman gave birth to a baby girl on a C-17 plane. She started having labor pains on the plane while flying to Ramstein Airport in Germany. After the landing, a U.S. Army medical team assisted in the delivery of the baby. Both mother and baby are healthy.

According to a BBC report, the United Kingdom has promised to accommodate 20,000 Afghan refugees in the long run. Canada will take the same amount of refugees.

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