Authologic Offers Single API Integration to Reduce identity Thefts in Cooperation with iDenfy

Authologic Offers Single API Integration to Reduce identity Thefts in Cooperation with iDenfy

Authologic uses iDenfy’s document scanning ID-based verification to reduce identity-related frauds

Kaunas, Lithuania (November 10, 2020) – Authologic, a Poland-based FinTech firm, announces a partnership with iDenfy, a Lithuania-based identity verification solution provider, to minimize identity-related thefts using single API integration. Authologic provides one API for multiple online identity verification methods that makes it easier for businesses to comply with different digital ID market standards such as government-issued digital ID, document scanning, banking ID verification, and more.

Businesses of almost all types can use Authologic’s single API integration for various verification methods. This user-friendly identity verification solution is ideal for industries like apartment rentals, FinTech, telecommunication, and more.

The company says they entered the identity verification industry to provide businesses with the easiest way to prevent identity frauds using single API integration. They will offer iDenfy’s robust identity verification solution in the form of API so that individuals and businesses can quickly integrate it.

Krzysztof Klimczak, Authologic CEO, says, “With our single API integration, we’re trying to reduce the complexity of a digital ID market. We are connected to different identity verification standards like government-issued digital ID, banking ID verification, and document scanning. Cooperation with iDenfy gives us a document scanning ID-based verification that is of the highest reliability with each scan being reviewed by a human.

iDenfy is quite glad about this partnership as it allows them to enter into different markets. Businesses that are looking for easy identity verification solutions can benefit a lot with single API integration.

Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, says, “We are pleased to be partnering with Authologic. It will help us to reach more people and broaden our horizons.” He further says, “This partnership is blissful for businesses that are looking for an API version of iDenfy’s identity verification solution. With a single integration, businesses can relish multiple online identity verification methods.”

iDenfy aims at providing businesses with the easiest method to validate the authenticity of their customers. Therefore, they offer remote ID verification solutions that use artificial intelligence, machine learning, OCR, MRZ, and deep learning. 

Prospective clients or customers can get themselves verified from the comfort of their homes.  iDenfy identifies a person from a digital picture or a video and compares facial features using user-provided data. Users have to take their photos via their smart device or web camera and then submit them to iDenfy’s server, which is quite easy.

Both Authologic and iDenfy are looking forward to this partnership. They believe single API integration is going to be the most straightforward way for customers to identify themselves.

About iDenfy

iDenfy‘s goal is to turn a customer’s device into an ID scanning and face recognition system that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their ID and other credentials to meet KYC and AML requirements. Real-time ID scanning and face verification are applied on websites and mobile applications, helping reduce risk and minimize fraud for online transactions. This enables customers to perform daily operations from their home instead of going to service centers, where a company needs many cost-ineffective employees. Also, it avoids the costly and time-consuming process of manual documentation required for submission and verification.

It was founded in 2016 at Kaunas University Technology Park by two childhood friends. Company in 2018 at Lithuania was awarded as Startup of the Year. iDenfy provides real-time identity verification service for financial, sharing-economy, gambling industries.

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