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Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing on American First Coast Considered

There are many great markets for auto detailing in the UnitStates. After all we really are a nation of cars. And mobile auto detailing has also taken off in the last decade. Auto Detailing where the company comes to your home or office and details your car right on site. What are the best markets for auto detailing? Well, California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida come to mind. Mostly, due to weather, and population base; it’s a winning combination for this car detailing sector.

Not long ago Auto Detailing:

Someone askme about Florida’s first coast. Would this be a nice market for such a service? Ah, the First Coast? Well, I like St. Augustine, and have spent time in J-ville (Jacksonville, FL) and done much business there, and been to Daytona a number of times including the attending of major events for my company such as the big Daytona Motorcycle Rally and NASCAR race.

Our franchisee in J-Ville livat Ponte Vadre Beach, so I know the entire area well, and yes, I’ve watchthe space shuttle take off and I can tell you this area is a ripe market for auto-detailing. Anyway, I’ve enjoyJax Beach, and Daytona Beach and the inter-coastal, all great areas with lots of customers for auto and motorcycle detailing services.


Synthetic products, composmainly of polymers, designfor long-term paint protection and easy application. Paint sealants last longer than carnauba wax, usually 5-7 months, and are resistant to the elements. The latest polymer technology allows paint sealants to give the same gloss, depth and shine of a carnauba wax.

Downtown St. Augustine is cool, great restaurants too, we’ve always enjoyour visits there, and I’ve hung out at the Barnes and Noble book store in town at the Starbucks many times and talkwith customers, and potential auto detailing clientele. I can tell you this, it’s a darn good all-year-around business there. So, please consider this.

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The factor that leads to you needing headlight restoration is explainhere. Headlight covers have a layer on the inner side of the light. When this layer oxidizes, it changes color and causes the headlight to appear as it was fogged. Several factors increase the rate at which the layer on the headlight oxidizes. Ultra violet radiation from the sun, debris from the road and rain from clouds; all accelerate the oxidation process.It is important that you get headlight restoration done as soon as you can for several reasons.

Firstly, we cannot stress on how dangerous it is to drive with cloudy headlights. According to experts, up to eighty percent of a driver’s vision is compromisbecause of cloudheadlights. If you drive at night often, then your car will cause problems for others because the headlights will not be visible to the driver behind you. Not only this, in several states and countries, it is illegal to drive in a car that has foggy headlights because they can be a safety hazard on roads.

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