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Available wifi router of huawei ax3 mesh kit

Are you looking for the best and fast wifi router huawei ax3 mesh kit is available for you? That supports 3000 Mbps and a 160 megahertz bandwidth. It has a 12 core processor and it supports up to 128 devices at the same time.

It supports the OFDMA and the MIMO Mesh technologies for the simultaneous transfer of packets at the same time.

Design and shape

The huawei ax3 mesh kit comes with a slick-looking design and let’s be real wifi routers are not known for looking good but Huawei managed to pull it off. This router comes in a decently sized and nice white box.

It has a sleek angular design leading up to the four huge and non-removable antennas which are made in a most beautiful design. The antennas are 90 degrees so it is foldable and it is very sturdy enough to stay in place no matter what angle you leave them at. So you could come up with some nice designs if you want to.

On the backside, there is two Ethernet ports. There is also the third Ethernet port rest hole power and a hardware power button.

It’s looking pretty cool and the ventilation at the bottom it’s a kind of slim router. Other than the router you will find the 12-watt power supply and Ethernet cable and a warranty card and the quick starter guide in the box.

Speed of huawei ax3

Regarding the speed, the wifi six-enabled router is perfect for pushing the best speeds to the connected devices. Huawei’s wifi router aims to take things up a notch because it has that wifi 6 plus capabilities allowing for up to 3000 Megabytes as we discussed above. The download speed is just crazy it also supports having a better connection through walls so that’s why the huawei ax3 mesh kit is all about as well.


There is an NFC chip that allows for the Huawei share function that enables compatible Huawei or honor phones to easily to the router with a single tap.

There is one LED light on the router which glows green when connected and red when it is not.

If you are also really big on privacy and ensuring that you never get versus on your devices then the huawei ax3 has a built-in firewall. Now, this firewall protects you from any malicious data or websites and it is smart enough to block certain suspicious websites which is great.

Manage through Huawei AI Life App

Using the Huawei AI life app you can connect your huawei ax3 router and can manage all the settings from here. Here you can see your router speed and you can confirm the download and upload speed. Here you will also find the parental controls for child protection and limiting internet services for your children.

Apart from these, you can control all the devices connected with the router by using Huawei AI life app and can allow the favorite devices and similarly can restrict the unknown devices. You can also set the speed limit.

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