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Ayurvedic treatment for dry cough

Ayurvedic treatment for dry cough

A dry cough is quite common and is mostly experienced with seasonal changes. But even some underlying conditions can also cause dry coughing. As far as the dry cough is concerned, certain pollutants or allergens in the environment that enters the throat pipe or the lungs can be responsible for dry cough which triggers the body to cough it out. You should take care of collecting rainwater. That is why you must know learning how to collect rainwater? So, the inflammation of the respiratory tract and the throat starts causing dry cough which can last for a long time and become chronic eventually.


The symptoms of dry cough usually vary from person to person. You may experience more than one symptom as well. The main symptoms of dry coughing include burning sensation in the chest, frequent dry cough, fever, production of phlegm, dryness in the mouth, irritability, weakness, nausea, bitter taste etc.


Certain infections such as pneumonia, sinusitis, inflammation in the throat etc., can cause dry cough. But mostly dry cough is caused due to the inflammation in the throat in the presence of pollutants or allergens. Dry coughs can occur due to long time exposure to pollution, toxic smoke or dust. It is essential for you to have a strong immunity system in order to shield yourself from this disease. Irregular lifestyle, environmental toxicity, poor nutrition etc. can make you much more vulnerable to this condition. Torex dry cough syrup is an effective herbal medicine that can be consumed for treating this condition.

Ayurvedic Tips

Are you suffering from infrequent dry cough? Then you do not need to worry about it much. These tips can help you to treat dry cough effectively.

  • A glass of warm milk with honey and turmeric can be taken before bedtime. It acts as a natural antibiotic.
  • Also you can take liquorice lozenges which will help to reduce inflammation in the throat.
  • You may use decoction of Ani seeds (Sauf) as the base water when you are making tea or coffee. You can also add a pinch of cinnamon powder in lukewarm water or in your tea. It will give you relief from throat irritability.
  • Ginger and honey when mixed together can act as a natural cough syrup. You can make this by boiling a piece of ginger in water. Filter the water and mix 1 tablespoon of honey. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are very much effective in treating dry cough.
  • Ginger tea or tea made using tulsi and honey is also a very effective ayurvedic treatment for dry cough. You can also chew tulsi leaves throughout the day and it will help you to recover faster.

Apart from the above mentioned ayurvedic tips, you can also massage various ayurvedic oils like sesame oil on the chest and it can provide a great amount of relief from dry cough. Torex Cough Syrup Company is very popular for their herbal cough syrup that can treat dry cough effectively. But for frequent dry cough, it is advisable to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

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