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Bad habits are cause of nail infections

Habits are hard to break, some of them are harmful for the body like smoking, taking drugs, nail biting etc. One may bite his/her nail when she/he is nervous or is bored and you won’t even notice sometimes that you have bitten your nails and could go take a manicure but your nails will look too short. This addiction is also known as chronic onychophagia and is one of the most common stress relieving habits. Nail biting usually starts from the age between 4 to 6 and boys have this habit more than girls and usually carry it till their adulthood. Dermatologists explains many risk and serious issues for biting nails. Risks include: changes in the look of your nails, damage to tissues that grow nails, abnormal growth, infection in and on the skin around the nail and diseases to stomach by outing dirty nails in mouth etc. But there are some ways one can stop nail biting if you practice it at home and today’s article is all about it. 

There are different methods to stop nail biting which can be done on your own but some requires help from the doctor instead. In case you end up developing nail fungus, treatment for nail fungus is available as well. 

First, you must look into the matter yourself and find which thing, is it stress or boredom etc. which trigger you to bite nail, if you know it try working on that first to ease this problem. The easiest way is to keep your nails short which will deter yourself from biting it, of course one must trim nails on daily routine as it keeps growing and if there is nothing to chew then this habit will be automatically avoided. This might sound creepy but one can give flavors to nails like bitter flavored varnish which might help to kick your habit. Just apply on the nail and let it dry. The best way doctor describe is to focus on one finger although leaving a habit is hard and cannot be done in a blink of an eye so doctor say that do it slowly. Talk to your doctor for medicines for toenail fungus if that is an issue. 

For example, focus on the thumb first and after one week of not biting the thumbnails shift your attention to index fingers and so on in whatever order you like.A company called Ark makes silicon Saber Tooth that is meant for any age limit who has nail biting habit, so one can get those and instead of biting nails one could bite the chewy necklace and hopefully it can put an end on this habit. 

Although this habit cannot be finished overnight but the good news is that nail biting doesn’t usually cause any long term damage but can lead to illness and skin infections so it is preferred to fix it as soon as possible. If these above methods don’t work you are to visit a doctor as for some it could be an emotional or psychological issue. Behavior therapy is the best option and one could discuss this problem with his therapist. If there are signs of skin problem, infections or any other abnormalities you should contact your doctor as soon as possible or a dermatologist can also help you heal your skin or nail in this case

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