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Bad news for France before the Nations League final

Bad news for France before the Nations League final

Bad news for the French team before facing Spain in the final of the Nations League. The team’s midfielder Adrien Radiot has tested positive for coronavirus. He will not play in the final. The World Cup champions Russia will face Spain in the title fight on Sunday (October 10) at 12:45 pm.

France coach Didier Deschamps has confirmed that Rabbit’s coronavirus is positive. “Rabbit will not play in the final,” Deschamps said in a statement from the French Football Federation. She has tested positive for coronavirus. At the moment, the French coach is not able to add any additional players to the team.

France reached the final by defeating Belgium 3-2 in the semi-final. Didier Deschamps won against Belgium despite falling behind by two goals. Benzema, Killian Mbappe and Hernandez scored one goal each for the French. Hugo Loris and Thibaut Courtois have faced tough tests since the start of the match. Griezmann-Mbappe’s Munsiana on the one hand and Dapat Lukaku-Kevin de Bruiner on the other. But the defense of Dudal was steel hard. The attacking players are struggling to catch the break. Belgium finally broke the deadlock of the match with two minutes of magic. Carrasco fooled Loris in the 38th minute with a De Bruyne assist for the Red Devils. Martinez’s team took the lead with one goal.

In the 39th minute, the Allianz Arena was again enchanted by Belgian magic. Romelu Lukaku fooled the light-dodged French defender by not stepping on Kevin de Bruyne’s extension. And Hugo beat Loris with a strong shot. The Red Devils took a 2-0 lead in the first half of the crucial match. Returning from the break, the country’s forces increased the speed of the attack. Karim Benzema used the opportunity. In the 82nd minute, Benzema reduced the gap with a defensive shot from Mbappe’s pass. Vertongen made a mistake after 6 minutes. Yellow card digestion gives the opponent a valuable penalty. Mbappe brought equality in the match.

Belgium did not disappoint even after digesting the goal. De Bruyne could have scored his third goal in the 63rd minute if Hugo Loris had not been the savior. The same goes for Paul Pogba. Kartoya tied here. That was the last moment of the match. The supporters were mentally preparing for an extra thirty minutes. Just then Theo Hernandez appeared on the stage. The first goal of his career was scored after playing his second match in the French jersey. Which becomes invaluable for the team.

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