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Bangladesh is in the test of qualifying for the Asian Cup

Bangladesh is in the test of qualifying for the Asian Cup

Bangladesh will face a challenge in qualifying for the AFC U-23 Asian Cup. That is what the footballers think. Opponents are much stronger, so the matches will be tough enough for them. However, the assistant coach also thinks that it is not impossible to get positive results if he can play according to the plan.

Bangladesh qualified for the AFC U-23 Asian Cup due to lack of preparation. Although the opponents got the benefit of the practice match before facing the challenge, the junior red greens did not get that opportunity either. Efforts are being made to do better in the midst of limitations.

There is no problem with the fitness of the footballers as they are in the game. However, the team management has to get some speed to find the best combination. Match against strong Kuwait on 26 October. Trying to find the best XI before him.

“Our opponents are very strong,” said Abdul Qayyum Sentu, assistant coach of the U-23 football team. And so I’m a little behind. Even then we have been practicing hard for the last one and a half months with the maximum. Our head coach is doing video analysis every day and practicing accordingly. ‘

“Everyone from the national team is very excited to join us,” he said. I hope I can bring something good for the country.

Of course there are problems. After finishing the league, the footballers have spent a busy time in the SAF Championship. There are many in the national team under-23. Naturally, the issue of their fatigue comes up. Footballers like to say that the selection phase will be quite challenging in all respects.

“Of course the matches will be tough enough,” said England expatriate Joseph Zulkarnain. Because the opponents are strong enough. They are also ahead in the rankings, moreover they have played more practice or preparation matches. But we will also try. It is possible to have positive results if we implement our own plans.

Bangladesh will face Kuwait on October 26 in the AFC U-23 Asian Cup qualifiers. Maruful Haque’s team will play Uzbekistan on October 30 and Saudi Arabia on November 2.

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