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Bangladesh wants to hear the roar of the Sri Lankans

Bangladesh wants to hear the roar of the Sri Lankans

The beginning of the first round of the T20 World Cup was not good but the end was great for Bangladesh. This time, Tim Tiger wants to start the main episode of the World Cup as soon as he is inspired by the mantra. Russell Domingo has full confidence in the cricketers despite being a strong opponent of the Lankans.

The Proteas coach does not want to lose faith in the form of Mushi-Sohan-Liton with the bat. Meanwhile, Sri Lankan captain Dasun Shanaka refused to give any chance to Bangladesh in the first match. He also considers himself a clear favorite. The match will start at 4 pm on Sunday (October 24) Bangladesh time.

At the official press conference, Russell Domingo had to answer more than the match about the mental state of the team. The head coach did not find out the news that the cricketers were angry with the criticism outside the house. He wants to move from focus in cricket to fulfilling his goals.

In the last practice before the first match, his disciples kept the words of the coach. They came to the field and got directly involved in their skill and fitness training. They don’t seem to mind anything around them.

Mushi, who had a bad time with the bat, was a little different. Repeatedly looking around the wicket, he wanted to understand the 22-yard puzzle. The answer to that is very much needed.

But Domingo isn’t too worried about anyone’s personal off-form. The X-Factor of the match tells Team Spirit. He knows very well that the beginning may not be rhythmic if you rely on one or two people.
“My team’s X Factor is not one of them,” said Tiger head coach. The real thing is that the whole team can play as one. Mushi-Lytton is having a bad time, but it is not permanent. Everything can change in one match. Sohan and Afif are big hitters. They may not be clicking, but I can’t lose confidence. I will change the team considering the wicket. No one’s form will be important here. ‘

The Lankans are known rivals. Bangladesh has played with them in Tests, ODIs and T20s a few days ago. So there is no separate thought about the Lions. In their own day, the name of the opponent never matters for the Riyadh forces.

“I don’t know who will play in the Sri Lankan team and who won’t,” said Russell Domingo. I don’t even think about that. My boys are focusing on their own performance. No matter who the opponent is, the main thing is to keep their basics right.

Meanwhile, before the match, the Lankan captain shouted at Bangladesh. He is putting himself ahead by any standard.

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