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Bar Code Scanners

Bar Code Scanners Service in the Blink of an Eye

Bar codes can be found on any product you buy today at supermarkets or shopping malls. Everything, Bar Code Scanners  from the biggest TV to a package of gum, has this unique code that distinguishes it from all other products.

The unique symbols that each barcode contains is determin by the height, width and spacing of the bars. The choice of bar us will determine the type of information contain in the code, either numeric data, alphanumeric data or character data.

Photo sensors in the bar code scanners convert the bars into electric signals which can then be “read”.

Each product gives a unique signal since:

Each bar code is unique, and this signal is convert into readable characters by special software that accurately measures the height, width and spacing.

In a matter of seconds, the information is gather by the software and sent on to the main computer.

The critical tool is the decoder, which is capable of accepting upwards of 250 scans per scanning rate without making a mistake. Scanners also come equipp with an automatic discrimination feature that allows the scanner to identify what type of code is being scann.

There are many other important pieces to a bar code scanner, but what are all these pieces for?

If you look:

All the items on the shelves of a grocery store, you’ll notice almost all of them have a UPC (Universal Price Code) sticker. The scanner reads the bars of the UPC and adds that to your account.

Not only that but bar codes can make compiling inventory reports much easier. Scanning products can ruce errors by clerks, either in calculating sales or recording them. As well as providing faster service to clients.

No one wants to wait in line, watching the cashier try to ring someone up manually. And scanners help everyone from a gas-and-go to departments stores tend to their customers quickly and efficiently.

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The only major limitation of these categories of scanners is the limit operation or scanning time permitt by the battery or rechargeable battery. Also, not all scanners read barcodes that are print at small X dimensions (where, the x dimension is the width of the narrow bar in the code)

The bluetooth barcode scanner has come:

A long way from the original scanners use in the supermarket. Have made barcode scanning no more a tious job but a more convenient and hassle free job, most importantly, wireless.

Barcodes became commercially successful when they were us to automate supermarket checkout systems. Barcodes which contain certain data on certain. Products are read by scanners, the newest version operat on the emerging Bluetooth technology, is idle in cases where cords create a fuss.

The Bluetooth barcode scanner helps in data collection on virtually any computer platform over a wide range of software applications.

These scanners are bas on the trend of combining high performance and futuristic design. These modern scanners can communicate to various devices ranging from barcode printers. Computers, PDA’s and even cell phones, which have taken scanning to a whole new next level. The scanner connects to their base stations as well adding more to the convenience. Only one-time settings are to made by scanning set-up barcodes. The rest is all done by synchronising to the base. These scanners have the tendency to acquire and decode multiple entries within seconds of each other.

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