BCS Question Leak now trending in Bangladesh

BCS Question Leak

BCS Question Leak issue now trending in Bangladesh. It is also said that, 30 requirements exam questions including BCS leaked.

For the past ten years, question paper leaks have affected about 30 recruitment exams, including those for the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS). This shocking discovery came from a detailed investigation by Channel 24, which led to the arrest of several people involved in the scheme.

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) is trusted by millions of job seekers. However, almost every recruitment exam it oversees has faced allegations of question paper leaks. A few years ago, Channel 24’s investigative team began looking into these claims and eventually found a person who had seen the operations of a cheating group up close.

Learning about such widespread cheating in the BPSC exams, which are a hope for many candidates, is very disturbing. To verify the insider’s claims, Channel 24 focused on the recruitment exam for the position of Sub-Assistant Engineer in the Bangladesh Railway, held on July 5.

In a secret operation, an undercover candidate was given to the cheating group. Amazingly, an hour before the exam started (scheduled from 10 AM to 12 PM), a copy of the question paper was sent to Channel 24 via WhatsApp. Even more shocking, some candidates had been taught the answers the night before.

Sajedul Islam, an office assistant at the BPSC, admitted his role in the leaks. He said that Deputy Director Haque Mohammad Abu Zafar gave him the question papers in exchange for 20 million BDT. Islam also revealed that the 45th BCS preliminary exam questions had been leaked.

With this evidence, Channel 24 approached PSC Chairman Sohrab Hossain. At first, Hossain dismissed the claims as rumors, but later he admitted concern and said the Commission would take action if the leaks were proven. He mentioned that the exams could be canceled if necessary.

Following the investigation, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police started working to arrest the entire cheating group and bring them to justice.

It is important to note that under the leadership of certain BPSC officials, this group has managed to BCS Question Leak for at least 30 recruitment exams, including the BCS. This has resulted in many unqualified candidates getting jobs, which goes against the purpose of the BPSC to hire capable and suitable public servants for the country.

This scandal not only threatens the integrity of public service recruitment but also harms the effectiveness and credibility of government operations in Bangladesh.

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