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Be Winter-Ready with These 5 Shoe Trends

Be Winter-Ready with These 5 Shoe Trends. As they usually say, shoes take you to beautiful places. Now get your footwear ready to walk out of the pandemic. Is everyone ready to travel this post-COVID season? Then get your outfit ready because this is going to be one heck of an adventure.

Shifting from your usual slippers to fashionable women’s shoes isn’t much of an adjustment. But for sure, everyone is excited to go out after being inside of their homes for so long. Are you ready?

What’s the theme for this season’s shoe trends?

Comfort. People have been so used to lounging wears during the pandemic that’s why for this season, fashion wants to retain the comfort that the fashionistas feel! Some of the old classics in the ‘90s are back – such as knitted vests, platform sandals and many more.

Fashion is continuously evolving, but some classics will never go out of style. More often, women’s shoes possess this kind of attitude – shoe trends most of the time stick with the classics but with a twist. And that’s what makes it more exciting. The more it changes, the more chances of it getting better. To start you off with the hot picks for this season, here are five shoe trends that you need to know:

  • Sophisticated Mules & Slides

Since the highlight of this season is comfort, mules and slides are back on the trends. If you remember, slides are one of the most comfortable easy-wear footwear. For this season, they have twisted the classic mules and slides into another level. Now, you can see mules with heels, slides with a textured design and many more. It would be a nice pair for your casual go-to outfit.

  • Clogs are back!

Clogs are setting the standards for the throwback party. The 70’s vibe of clogs is viewed differently – chunky is the new fashion. If you are a fan of extremely bold and textured outfits then, this is the most comfortable footwear statement that you can use.

  • The Timeless Boots

Did you say winter season? Winter footwear trends wouldn’t be complete without boots on the top lists! Boots became the staple for everyone’s winter outfit – because it is comfortable for most people to wear and provides solid protection for your foot against the cold season.

  • Platform Shoes

If your fashion style leans more on the edgy and future rock star side, then this is a winning trend for you. It gives you a chance to experiment and mix-match two fashion styles in one – you can pair combat or platform shoes with a dress. So now you have a fusion of femininity and edgy.

  • Chunky Sneakers are back on the Streets.

Before, sneakers never really made it on top trends unless it is your preference – but for this season, chunky sneakers made it to the top. It became a staple preference for many who are extremely prioritizing comfort over style. It is a very comfortable alternative compared to mules and slides that would still offer excellent protection for your feet.

Shoes became a part of putting up a statement in fashion. That’s why aside from finding the most comfortable footwear for you, you also need to find the right size for you. Often, this affects the overall fit of your shoes. Happy feet, happy life!

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