bear’s trunk in japanese district of hokkaido

bear’s trunk in japanese district of hokkaido

A bear about 1.5 meters long was attacked in the northern Japanese district of Hokkaido on Friday, local time. Early in the morning, the bear moved to the Okadama settlement south of Sapporo, the main city of Hokkaido, due to a lack of food in the mountains. The bear started running in different places. He later attacked a member of the army. After many attempts, the bear was brought down.

A local resident saw the bear around 3.30 pm. He informed the police. The city’s education board and primary and secondary schools in and around the city were closed as a precautionary measure after police alerted the city administration. Students are prohibited from going out of the house. A total of 10 schools were closed due to fears of a bear attack, Japan’s Citizen Broadcasting Center reported to the NHK.

After the first sighting, the bear was seen roaming in another settlement two kilometers away. When it was dawn, when people and vehicles came down the road, bears also started running with them. Two people were injured when they fled in panic.

Video footage captured by the media shows the bear sometimes walking down the drain, sometimes running along the main road. The bear then went in front of a camp of Japanese security forces. He attacked the army guard guarding the main gate, injured him, and entered the camp. Other members came forward and rescued the injured colleague and sent him to the hospital. Army personnel from the camp were told to take shelter inside the building. The bear then ran towards the runway at Okadama Airport near the area. Airport authorities, however, had earlier announced a temporary shutdown of flights.
Police also took the help of a helicopter to chase the bear. After 11 pm, the hunters fired five shots and shot the bear down.

The operation was carried out across the city for about eight hours to catch the bear that came down from the hill.

Hokkaido was once home to bears. The people of the Ainu community considered the bear to be a deity. Worshiped. As a result, there was no shortage of food for bears. From the middle of the nineteenth century, the inhabitants of mainland Japan began to settle in Hokkaido. Because of them, the people of the legal community are cornered. The number of bears also decreases.

In the second half of the twentieth century, hunting was banned in Japan. The number of bears then began to increase rapidly. To ensure that the number of bears does not exceed the limit, the local administration in Hokkaido has been allowing hunters to kill bears in special circumstances. However, the bear’s harassment has not stopped. Brown Usuri bears occasionally attack human settlements when they are hungry, sometimes causing loss of life and property.

According to data collected by the Japanese Ministry of Environment, two people were killed and 157 injured in a bear attack last year. On the other hand, 6,081 bears have been killed.

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