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Become part of the travel blogging community

But like any dream, realizing it is anything but simple. Creating a website, publishing a few articles, and sharing a few traveler photos on Instagram or Facebook is not enough. You need something more, something that adds value, stands out from the competition, and inspires people.

If you are a true traveler, love discovering new countries, new cultures, and stories, and call the world home, then this job might be for you! Let’s discover together our advice on how to create a travel blog and take your first steps in this fascinating world!

Work and earn a living while traveling

The advent of new technologies and the continuous diffusion of social networks are what have allowed the emergence of a new professional figure in recent years, that of the “traveling blogger”. But who is he really? What does his job consist of and how does he manage to travel while earning money?

A travel blogger (or travel blogger) is a person who above all has a great passion for travel, adventure and discovering new places. Traveling, learning, and sharing their experiences and travel tips with others is their mantra, and it’s this desire to share their adventures with others that makes them so popular, while also earning money.

His tools are nothing more than a computer, a smartphone, a camera (or a video camera), a suitcase for traveling and a one-way plane ticket to a new destination. But let’s take it step by step and try to figure out together the steps to becoming a travel blogger.

A blogger travels without a blog, it’s like a jockey without a horse, a footballer without a ball or a singer without a voice. A blogger’s blog is the virtual space where you can write, narrate, and share your travel experiences, stories, photos, videos, and tips with your audience. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry, starting one is easy and inexpensive. Here are the steps to start a travel blog.

At this point, all you need to do is buy a theme to install on your CMS, or a “website builder” that allows you to create from scratch (or using templates) the design of each web page of simple and immediate way. The best website builder on the market? Undoubtedly Elementor Pro.

Once you have a website where you can upload your content, stories of your travels and experiences, photos, and videos, you need to find a way to get your blog out to the public. And that’s where the tricky part comes in. Because if creating a travel blog is a matter of a few hours, making it known is the trickiest part.

Today, there are dozens of platforms out there today that allow you to drive traffic to your travel blog. The first that obviously comes to mind is Google (and all other search engines). Optimize your website for SEO and earn a place at the top of search results. Users will come by themselves.

But organic traffic from search engines is not the only solution. You can focus on creating content on other platforms and trying to drive users to your website. Create an Instagram profile, YouTube channel or profile on TikTok. Once you establish yourself on these platforms, getting traffic to your travel blog shouldn’t be a problem.

Use the full potential of digital. Getting your name out there has never been easier than it is today. But to do that, you need to start using the right online marketing tools. You do not know where to start? Check out Ultimate Tools, the website for the best digital marketing tools, to find out what software and platforms you might need to promote and build awareness for your travel blog. Most importantly, it will take patience and hard work.

Working while traveling is fascinating and always challenging, but don’t think it’s something for everyone and by everyone!

The advantages of this profession are obvious. The flexibility of working hours and days, the possibility of moving around, visiting new cities, and getting to know new people and cultures, not having an office, and working where you want, etc.

But contrary to what you will read in most articles devoted to this subject, all that glitters is not gold.

Unfortunately, even in this profession, it’s not always all sunshine and roses. Working while traveling is not easy and there are many difficulties. Economic and emotional instability is something anyone going down this path should keep in mind.

Indeed, a travel blogger often works on short-term projects and therefore does not always have the certainty of the income he could generate each month. Not to mention the distance from friends and family and the fact of not having a real “home”. It’s fantastic work, but it takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of patience.

Now is the time to ask the big question. How to earn and earn money while traveling with a blog? There are many ways to monetize your travel blog and by adopting the right promotion strategies, you can start making money.

Before embarking on this adventure, do not forget to do one very important thing: open your structure (legal person or in your own name). Many people take it for granted, but when you start making money online, you must pay state taxes and levies as a result. But now let’s move on to the different online activities that will allow you to get your first earnings.


Affiliation consists of directly promoting the products or services of another brand on your web page, obtaining a percentage (or a fixed remuneration) on the sales or leads generated, clicks received, impressions or subscriptions obtained. depending on the type of affiliation.

Collaborations and partnerships

By entering directly into contact with brands or companies. Better if they operate in your sector, you can offer to promote. And publicize their products in exchange for a fixed remuneration or a percentage.

Guides, online courses, and downloads: Be creative and create guides. Online courses or any other virtual product that can be useful to users and provide value.


Forgetting users who have already been in contact with your blog. And who may have left their email address is an unforgivable mistake! Always be there for them. Pamper them and keep in touch with them regularly by email to offer them new products and services.

One piece of advice we’d like to give you is to think a few times before jumping headlong into this world. And the reason for that is very simple. Although it is a fascinating and satisfying profession. It is necessary to invest time and money before obtaining the first results.

To start, combining the creation of a travel blog with your daily work. Or your studies is certainly a good solution to take your first steps and test this new activity. Leverage your past travels and start creating valuable content. But don’t risk it all and jump into the void without a parachute. It’s essential to always have a plan B in case things don’t go as planned.

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