Several days ago Yahoo posted a story from the Subreddit AITA. The question was from a young woman who was getting harassed and sent inappropriate pictures by three classmates on social media, so she took screenshots of what got sent to her. ith them? She went to Facebook, found the mothers of the three individuals involved, sent an explanation of who she was and what was going on. There are two things that are really sad about this situation.

First she reported the offenders, yet nothing was done. Which also made the harassment worse. The second is the fact that she felt the need to ask if she were the AITA for it. Thankfully those who responded made it perfectly clear that she was not.


Sadly this type of treatment of young women has become more common. It is amazing to me how many profiles on Twitter that clearly state do not send direct messages. When it comes to Instagram accounts are set to private.



The reasoning in my opinion is obvious. Young men behaving inappropriately towards them whether its comments or sending pictures to them.

So I applaud this young woman for taking a stand and getting the mothers involved in this particular situation. Still how sad that this is what it took to get that behavior to stop? Unfortunately that has become the reality when using social media. Harassment, inappropriate messages, and pictures.

What is worse is that there are some who will excuse the behavior. Once again we are back to “the boys will be boys” argument. Which thankfully today is no longer acceptable.

Also, I would argue that parents need to start educating their sons about what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to using social media. That if they do send a picture of themselves to a young woman that they have actually consented to it and are okay with it. If she says no, then you do not send it.

You also do not use social media to disparage young women or to make them feel bad about themselves and you certainly do not continue to harass them after they have made it clear to you to stop.

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