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Below Are Some Of The Shows We All Look Forward To In 2022

Below Are Some Of The Shows We All Look Forward To In 2022

You can hold your breath for the finals seasons and the new beginnings of some of the most anticipated shows coming in 2022. We all know and loved 2021 for some of the most amazing shows but 2022 has also hidden really fantastic programs up its sleeve. There will be some long-awaited premiers – Halo, Severance, Worst Roommate Ever – some returning favorites – Ozark, Euphoria, Killing Eve. If you are looking for a list of all the most awaited shows of 2022, then you are at the right place.

Before making any solid plans for binge-watching this year, let’s first make sure that you are all ready for it. There are some shows that you might be planning to watch on your television screens, while there could be some hits returning to streaming services this year. In this regard, you should have one of the best internet services and cable TV to have a smooth watch experience. For this, we recommend going over Spectrum plans as they come at an incredibly affordable price rate and unlimited data. So, get your things ready because this year, we are not taking any risks.

Below are some of the shows we all look forward to in 2022.

Note: There are spoilers ahead

Euphoria (Season 2)
COVID caused a year-long delay in this one of the most hyped shows but now the good news is it is back with its second season. And might we say, it is as chaotic as ever. Our favorite Zendaya returns as Rue again takes a darker turn as this high school student continues with her struggles of addiction which makes her fall into the darker end of the drug world.

Worst Roommate Ever
We have always had those roommates who would just straight up refuse to do dishes, and we would then vent with our friends about how we have the worst roommate in the world. How about renting out your room to a person who is more violent than you could ever imagine?  After watching this, you surely won’t be picking up your next roommate without doing multiple background checks. And yeah, think a thousand times before agreeing to live with someone with an ad on craigslist because that would be the biggest red flag. So, watch this Blumhouse true-crime series that explores the subject we all fear the most.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Season 4) The Marvelous Mrs.We for sure have a love-her or love-to-hate-her kind of relationship with Midge Maisel. With this twist at the end of season three, the fans are now going to see what happens when Midge navigates this unexpected turn of events in her promising stand-up career. In this coming season there might be some heartbreaks because destroying someone’s soul comes with the aftermath, right?

Severance This show truly captivates the surreal vibes of 2022. Severance explores the many ways in which we split ourselves in half. More specifically, the parts that refuse to stay put. If this piques your interest, then don’t wait any longer and give it a watch.

The school follows the lives of a group of teachers at an underfunded Philadelphia public school. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then start your 2022 with this hilarious show.

Peacemaker This HBO Max original tells the story of Peacemaker (played by John Cena), the justice-obsessed muscle man, who *spoiler alert* is not one of the good guys you might expect him to be. This series gives an insight into the origin story of the character and his early life as a vigilante. As a matter of fact, he is just a killer, who can murder anyone in the name of peace.

Ozark (Season 4) Our personal favorite crime drama – Ozark – premiers this year with seven new episodes. There is one thing we know for sure; “some past sins won’t stay buried and the most dangerous threats come from blood”.

To Sum Up 2022 looks quite promising when it comes to new shows as well as some favorites that will be returning with exciting new seasons. The aforementioned shows are some of the most awaited ones we all look forward to this year. So, mark the dates on your calendar because you are going to have some fun binge-watches.

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