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Benefits of Duplex Blinds for Double-Hung Windows

Benefits of Duplex Blinds for Double-Hung Windows

Benefits of Duplex Blinds for Double-Hung Windows We get lots of questions about sometimes the simplest things. The other day someone sent an email asking us if we can make blinds for a double-hung window with two sashes. When he first sent me the message, We had to do a little research on this. So We started googling around and found that there are several companies making special purpose duplex shades for such applications. In this Guide, we will give complete information about the best duplex blinds.

Now some people have asked me if it’s possible to use our shading solutions as interior blinds, but in most cases, they don’t work because of the weight. Our shading solutions are typically used as exterior sunscreens. So the materials we use are manufactured using acrylic yarns, which are great at resisting heat from outside the glass. For interior applications, our regular fabrics are not large or heavy enough to act as an effective internal shade.

But the right kind of duplex blinds can work well for double-hung windows. These particular shade solutions have two distinct shades that overlap when they’re both fully drawn up. A lighter exterior shade and a thicker inner pane that blocks more light coming through the glass. So it’s essentially like having two traditional roller shades in one window. And if you don’t need as much privacy on the inside. You can use just one sash with your shading solution instead of both (in this case you would just put your fabric on one side).

5 Benefits of Duplex Blinds for Double-Hung Windows

1. Improves energy efficiency:
The two shades in these types of blinds allow you to only open one sash at a time. Which can save on your heating and cooling costs.

2. Offers the same privacy as shutters:
Some people like the idea of using exterior sunscreens on their windows. But they want something that looks more formal or better integrated with their interior design. Or they’re already using shutters for their primary shading and need another solution there since our fabrics don’t work well in an overlapped application (you wouldn’t be able to raise just one shade if you wanted). Well, we recently found out from some customers that our double-hung duplex blinds are actually being used instead of shutters in some cases. Where only one sash is opened at a time.

3. Provides light diffusion:
The inner shade blocks the majority of the incoming light, which means that even when just one side is raised. You’re still getting a diffused view from your window. The percentage of light reduction varies depending on your fabric selection (i.e., our Blockout and Light Filtering fabrics are more opaque than our Privacy or Semi-Private options). And if you want to have less privacy inside for a naturally brighter space. Keep both shades closed when it’s bright out and open them up during sunset hours for maximum brightness without direct sunlight on your floors and furniture.

4. Gives you privacy when needed:
In addition to having two shades that overlap like regular interior blinds, duplexes also offer a thicker inner shade that blocks more light from coming into your home. So even when just one sash is raised. It offers some degree of privacy (the percentage of light blocked will depend on your fabric selection as described above). And if you want the maximum amount of privacy all the time. Keep both sashes closed with your shading solution instead of just one.

Special Features and Customization

We can order it with your choice of any laminate coating available from (i.e., their micro lover privacy film or their solar control / Low E films). So let us know if you want something different and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for double-hung window coverings and you prefer the look of regular shades. But want something that’s more private while still being energy efficient, a duplex blind might be the solution for your home. And if you’re already using shutters in those areas and want another shading option just for privacy. Or if you just like the look of regular roller shades on your interior double-hung windows and need some sort of UV protection for your exterior glass above them. We can help with that too. Please browse our website to see samples of all four types of shades. We offer as well as fabric options that are suitable for use.

Conclusion Duplex Blinds Combine

The Privacy of Interior Roller Shades with Exterior Sunlight Shading. We hope you enjoyed our blog post on double-hung window coverings. If you have questions about our custom shades or any other type of window covering. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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