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Bernadette Colognne: An Actor and life coach is determined to change people’s lives for the better

Bernadette Colognne is a successful educator, actor, and transformative life coach. She earned her Master’s degree from Columbia University in New York City. For acting, she first went to different acting schools in New York and Los Angeles to learn and grow as an actor.  Ms. Colognne is one of the few who made a name for herself in the entertainment sector via her work and education; not only that,but, she has also changed other people’s lives through her practice as an educator and as a life coach.

But words are not enough to describe her abilities, though we will give you a little overview (below) of why Bernadette Colognneought to be your inspiration.

The wonders of Ms. Colognne’s acting career

As an actress, she was part of numerous Tv shows and films, including Pals, Family Medical Center, Hill Street Blues, The Best of Times, The Jeffersons, and the film, Zoot Suit.She didn’t only work in Tv and film, but her career as a theatre actress has also been remarkable as she appeared in the plays like The Reluctant Saint, Cradle Song to Song of Victory, and Mondongo as a lead dancer/actress in NYC and in Los Angeles.

She has also received recognition as she received a certificate from Women in Film. She was also awarded in Bayamon PR for her charitable activities andher TV and film work. She also choreographed, performed, and taught dance at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and choreographed a redemption of “The Wiz,” for High school students participating in a summer program held by Cornell University.  She also appeared in several advertisements, making her an all-around actor and educator.

Her career as an educator and transformational life coach

Ms. Colognne knows the value of education, which is why she has also been vocal about the educational rights of a person and continues as a Life Coach.She has advised and assisted individuals as an educator and transformational life coach.As a Transformational coach,Ms. Cologne has helped several people to overcome their struggles.

According to her, one ought to always be keen to help one another in all that they can, if not by them, then through other means, because the worth of a life is non-transferable.Ms. Colognne’s mission is to motivate, encourage, and teach young adults and teens, as well, as older adults about how valuable and significant they are and how they can make a difference in this world.

Her motivational coachingis a must-listen since her voice communicates directly to the soul.She teaches individuals how to make the most of their lives by appreciating every moment and not giving up when facing challenges. Because life is full of ups and downs, we must not give up and must assist others in helping make a difference in hastening the process of success.


We should always help to take care of making a difference in other people’s lives,but we must also remember to never put our happiness on hold. Bernadette Colognne is an example that. She not only strives to live her life to the fullest but, alsostrives to help others to understand that life, no matter the challenges,is worth living.

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