Best Hair Transplant For Women In Delhi

Best Hair Transplant For Women In Delhi

Hair loss or baldness in women can be very devastating as it is associated with their beauty and appearance in the social settings. Hair loss is a common problem in women when it is caused by genetic factors such as androgenic alopecia. In many parts of the country, it is still considered taboo to talk among women about the problem of hair loss or baldness. Due to this, they suffer a lot and keep bearing the agony without getting proper treatment that can help them overcome their emotional trauma, embarrassment, unwanted stress and anxiety caused by hair loss or baldness.

The way women lose their hair is different from that of men. In women, the thinning of the hair starts in the center of their head and then spreads to the other sides of the scalp. There is no permanent donor site in women, which makes hair transplant quite complicated in women because they might have little hair restored. Women hardly face receding hairline and their front hair is usually preserved. The common cause of hair loss or baldness in women are caused by hereditary factors.

Apart from hereditary factors, there are several other factors that cause hair loss in women. This includes the hair thinning due to certain medications and hormonal imbalance caused by thyroid disorder, chemotherapy, stress, weight loss, menopause, or iron deficiency, etc. Reports suggest that the hair loss brings behavioral changes in women which include shyness, sense of inferiority, loss of confidence and self-esteem. In such a situation, hair transplantation emerges as the best solution that helps them get their lost hair back.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which the dermatologist or plastic surgeon removes hair follicles from one part of the head and plants it to another. The area from where the follicles are taken is known as a ‘donor site’ and the area where the surgeon plants them is known as ‘recipient site’. Typically, hair transplant is associated with men seeking a solution for male-pattern hair loss. But the number of women looking for the procedure has been increasing rapidly. The procedure of hair transplant is same for both male and female. Hair transplant is a modern and advanced way of treating hair loss or baldness.

Hair Transplant For Women In Delhi

Women in Delhi often complain that even after trying various products, they are unable to get rid of their hair loss or baldness. In such cases, women usually forget to consider treatment options that can offer them permanent and more natural and thicker hair. Several options are available for hair transplantation in Delhi, but the question that pops up in the minds of women is ‘which is the best one?’. Women simply search for the best treatment in Delhi so that they can get the desired hair without experiencing pain or problems during the whole treatment procedure.

Thankfully, there are modern and advanced techniques of hair transplantation in Delhi that are painless and permanent in nature. There are two methods to take to follicles and implant them during hair transplantation. This includes Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Follicular Unit Transplantation

This is also known as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS). During this surgical procedure, the surgeon first numbs the back of your head with the help of local anaesthesia and sterilizes the donor site (from where the hair will be taken). After that the surgeon removes a section of your scalp using a scalpel and closes the donor area with stitches. Then the surgeon and his/her team separates and divides the scalp into tiny pieces. The scalp may be divided into more than 2000 tiny pieces. These pieces are known as grafts. The surgeon then makes small holes in the recipient site (where the hair will be transplanted) with the help of a needle. After that, the surgeon inserts the tiny grafts into the holes. This procedure is known as grafting. After inserting the hairs, the surgeon closes the surgical site with bandages.

Follicular Unit Extraction

During this technique, the surgeon extracts hair follicles from the donor site by making more than thousands of incisions and the rest of the procedure is the same as follicular unit transplantation. It takes around 8 hours to implant 3000 grafts.

Even though these procedures are performed under the influence of anaesthesia, you may experience heavy bleeding and pain. Not only this, there can be some painful symptoms during the recovery period as well. There is also a high chance of developing infections during recovery. The main reasons for all the above complications are that these procedures involve incisions. Not only this, the hair grows almost after 6-8 months post procedures. Also, the lack of sensation may continue for years in rare cases. All the above-mentioned complications are such factors that make these methods of hair transplantation undesirable for women in Delhi.

Best Hair Transplant For Women In Delhi

Direct Hair Implant (DHI) is the most advanced method of hair transplantation for women in Delhi. During this procedure, the surgeon uses a special pen-like instrument known as Choi to take out the follicles from the donor site, which are processed into grafts in a laboratory. Then the surgeon implants the hair follicles directly to the recipient site using a DHI implanter. This procedure involves no holes to implant the follicles in the recipient site.

DHI is a modern and advanced technique that encourages hair growth. It takes around 6-8 hours to complete the whole procedure, which can be divided into short sessions. The success rate of DHI is higher than both FUT and FUE. Since DHI does not involve stitches, the recovery is faster than FUT or FUE. There is no risk of hair follicles damage and the results are more natural and fuller. New hair starts growing 3 months after DHI, where it takes around 6-8 months after FUT or FUE.  

There are several clinics and hospitals in Delhi that offer FUT and FUE for hair transplantation. But there are few who use modern and advanced DHI methods to treat hair fall or baldness in women. If you or any of your acquaintances want to get the best hair transplant, we would recommend to contact Pristyn Care. They have the country’s best dermatologists and plastic surgeons at their clinics in Delhi.

Their clinics are fully equipped with the highest quality of modern medical technologies that ensure 100% success of the results post hair transplantation of women in Delhi. They can help you get rid of all the problems associated with hair loss. Not only this, they are the one among very few who have been recognised and awarded by several International organisations as the best healthcare service providers in India.

There are several other benefits of choosing Pristyn Care for Direct Hair Implantation in Delhi.

No Visible Scars

DHI does not involve cuts, incisions, scars or wounds. It is a non-invasive procedure, which means the patient can resume her daily activities the same day after a few hours of rest at the hospital.

Permanent Results

During DHI, the surgeon implants one hair at a time into the scalp, which makes it more precise and accurate. The patient does not even have to shave the donor or recipient site during this procedure. The hair that grows post-procedure is thickened and permanent in nature as compared to FUT or FUE.

Precise Procedure

This procedure is completed in short sessions. Hence, the patient does not need hospitalization. This is a simple, precise, safe, effective and almost risk-free procedure. Also, there is no chance of scalp damaging and the existing hair follicles remain unaffected.

Highest Graft Quality

Above all, DHI ensures more hair density than FUE or FUT. With these highest quality hair grafts, the surgeon can control the depth, angle and direction of the hair growth. This makes the result of DHI as natural as it can ever be.    

We hope after reading about all the methods of hair transplantation available in Delhi, you can now make a well informed decision about your hair transplantation. Do remember that the results of hair translation depends on the types of procedure and surgeon you choose. Hence, choose the treatment method and surgeon wisely. 

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