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Best Ways to Build Customers Trust To Increase Sales on Your E-Commerce Site

Organizations in all industries see a decline in consumer trust in the initial stage of an e-commerce business. These days there is neck to neck competition in all fields and especially in business. These days some new tips and trends improve the business.

It is important to build customer and client relations to help healthily grow the business. It is only because of the customers the business grows and fetches productive results. So, what should be done to demonstrate that your website is friendly and trustworthy? Don’t worry, in this article we will give you the top 7 strategies that aim to establish the trust of the customers.

Responsive website design

One of the crucial tips to attract the customers is to have a responsive website and a webpage. Make sure to make the website clean and as simple as possible. To gain trust, ensure that the website is easy to access and they should be able to find all the prospects they are looking for.

You should keep in mind while designing the website that different users operate through different devices. As an e-commerce website business owner, it is up to you to make sure that the website responds the same even when the audience uses the desktop or the mobile phones. In fact, there are more searches on smart phones than on the desktop. Always keep the heading and subheadings so that they do not look clumsy and are quite appealing to the audience.

Increase website loading speeds

The most attractive feature that impresses the audience is the fast loading speed of the website and the web pages they are looking at. So, while planning the website make sure you optimize the loading speed, which helps the customers spend the most time on your website. However, there are specific ways to optimize the website:

As already mentioned, use a responsive website plan and design.

·       Include the target keywords on your landing pages

·       Include social sharing buttons on your webpage

·       Include highquality content on your web pages.

·       Aim for trending keywords

According to the reports, potential clients can easily trust the websites that load quickly. Also, more than 50 percent of the users are mobile users, and typically they leave the page if it takes more than 10 seconds to load. It is known that the visitors bounce rate increases with an increase in slow loading speeds.

Simplify your checkout process:

Yes, the checking process should be simple and hectic free. Include the images of the products in the cart for clear understanding. Make the checkout process fast and simple. Do not add more hectic steps in the checkout process. This helps in building trust as prospects can see what they are buying.

Include Social Proofs:

We know the importance of social media now. People are following social platforms and their favorite celebrity on all major social mediums. So, it has become crucial to include all the business updates, customer reviews, testimonials, business launches, ongoing discount sales, festive collections, free giveaways and many more. Do not miss to be active on social media and make sure you will post daily updates and keep the interaction with the audience to build a relationship.

Clear shipping & return policy:

Most of the people who visit your website will have a look for the shipping and return policies. They see if an item can be returned or replaced, the refund time you give, the shipping charges and many more.

Include contact numbers:

Another simple yet powerful tip to building the trust of the customers is adding the contact number. Customers look for the reachability before they trust and buy from your website. Many customers want to call them, if there is any problem while shopping.

Including a contact number and having a round the clock customer care who addresses all the concerns and queries is a great way of building trust and customer relations.

Install SSL certificate:

Last but not the least, installing an SSL certificate. As e-commerce business owners you are aware of the fact that installing an SSL certificate and having a HTTPS on the address bar and a green padlock on the website shows that the website is authentic and can be trusted easily.

Moreover, the websites with HTTPS are found to have a faster loading time than the websites which do not have one. A security seal is a must for any website to gain the trust of the visitors and the customers. Once you install an SSL certificate and switch to HTTPS you will see improvements in page loading time.

Final Word

The best part about the above techniques and measures is that they are fairly quick and simple to implement. The overall purpose of all the measures is ultimately to improve user trust in your business. However, understand that the increasing trust is a long term and should be the main focus which obviously leads potential and loyal customers.

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