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Best ways you can advertise about shopping mall

The success of your shopping mall always depends on how better your tenants work. To do this, you will need to increase the foot traffic to your shopping mall. You need to attract customers into your mall’s shops and get them to buy any product from them.

This usually requires some strategy and foresight for your shopping mall advertising strategy. It means coming up with unique ways of getting customers to your mall and drive them to the shops. The higher the foot traffic, the higher will be the occupancy rate, and great will be the overall revenue of your shopping mall.

Proximity Marketing

When the customers connect to your mall Wi-Fi, you can use proximity marketing to your benefit. You can send your customers offers and alerts via text messages to attract them to buy from your shopping mall shops.

The amazing part about this marketing is that you can partner up with your tenants to know about their special offers and discounts. You can send these offer alerts to the customers when they step in your mall so that they can visit the specific shop right away.

You can also think about innovative flash deals that you can send directly to your shoppers. Through this, you can avoid the FOMO (fear of missing out) and convince them to buy from your shops.


A poster is one of the easiest ways of shopping mall advertising. You can hang them, put them on easels, or paste them on the shop’s glass. Big-size posters will be more attractive, catchy, and will catch the attention of more customers.

When you design these posters, always keep one thing in mind that you must include words like “Promotion” and “Sale,” and they are clearly visible. If your tenants are offering some discounts, make sure that you display the discount percentage as well. These words usually attract more customers and make them purchase from your mall stores.

You can also add a Shop and Save Market Weekly ad, as it will display all the ongoing offers and discounts that your customers will appreciate a lot. You can also apply posters on the escalators so that they will always be visible to your customers when they visit your shopping mall.

Elevator Advertising

If you have elevators installed in your shopping mall, you can make full use of elevator advertising. Most of the customers usually use the elevator to get to the top floors in the shopping mall. This factor makes the elevator a perfect place for advertising, as it can catch the eye of your customer.

You can put posters of all ongoing offers and deals in the elevator. In this way, when anyone uses the elevator, they will definitely see the poster, which will lure them to visit that specific shop first. You can also put posters on each floor next to the elevator access buttons. In this way, those waiting for the elevator will see the advertisement on the wall, which might change their minds.

Door Advertising

One of the best places to advertise offers and deals is the entrance of your shopping mall. You can design innovative posters and put them at the entrance of your shopping mall. When the customers enter your mall, they will definitely notice the posters and the deals displayed on it.

This will ensure that everyone who is visiting your mall is aware of the offers and deals you are offering to them. You have to make sure that the posters are of big size that is visible to everyone.

It will reduce the chances of customers missing out on attractive deals. It would be best if you always tried to get more innovative as possible to attract more foot traffic to your shopping mall.


Shopping malls always rely on customers, and you must perform everything to make sure that they visit again. With these advertising methods, you can surely get the customers’ attention and help you to increase your revenues.

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