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Biden administration is removing Trump allies from US

Biden administration is removing Trump allies from US

Washington – President Donald J. As part of the Biden administration’s major effort to destroy the organization of Trump’s allies, the executive chairman of the United States Agency for Global Media has fired the heads of several federal – funded news organizations. According to two people familiar with the Trump affair, executive chairman Kelu Chao fired the heads of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia and the Middle East Broadcasting Network on Friday evening.

Former Trump aide Stephen K. Mr. Many current and former employees of the company have accused Pack of trying to turn this into a mouthpiece for the Trump administration.

A spokesman for the US agency for global media declined to comment. And Politics, The latest in a series of changes in the U.S. agency for global media, and the federally funded news organizations it oversees under Biden’s administration. Back Biden resigned at the request of management.

Ted Libyan, former host of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Became a fierce critic of the media company. Stephen J., who led Radio Free Asia. Victoria Coates, who ran the Middle East Broadcasting Network, was a deputy national security adviser to the Trump administration. In the fall of the Trump administration, the Voice of America came under fire for re-appointing a White House reporter who tried to question former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a Town Hall event in Washington.

Mr. After Pack resigned, Biden management replaced him with Ms. Chao, a longtime employee at Voice of America. Appointed by Robert R. Beckley. Came after Reilly. After taking office, he fired the CEOs of four news organizations along with his border management team. His borderline starvation systems from basic funds;

At a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in September, lawmakers from both parties said Mr. Pack ignored a congressional chaplain to attend the trial.

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