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Kentaro Roy

Bitcoin Investor and Successful Entrepreneur Kentaro Roy Starts Podcast to Help Others Build Generational Wealth

Before becoming a Bitcoin investor, Kentaro Roy was just a guy with a vision to start a digital marketing agency that would become a massive success, providing him the opportunity to retire in his 20s if he wanted to do so. While operating his marketing agency, he learned more about Bitcoin, discovering the endless possibilities that such an unstoppable and uncensorable monetary network had to offer, so he dived deep, made well-informed investments, and worked to build wealth. Now, he’s on a quest to show others how to do the same thing.


With a passion for helping people and a goal of teaching people how to get started in business while avoiding scams and making ideal investments, he decided to create The Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast. It’s a podcast where he regularly interviews self-made entrepreneurs and successful investors to prove that everyday people in life can build generational wealth for themselves with exemplary disciplined practices.


“Starting the podcast this year was a big deal for me. I knew that although I could afford to retire because of the success of my marketing agency and Bitcoin investments, there was still much more for me to do. I had this incredible idea of sharing my plethora of knowledge and the knowledge of others with the world, so I decided to start The Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast,” says Kentaro Roy. “The podcast focuses on straight talk from entrepreneurs and investors willing to share tips and advice while touching on mistakes made and obstacles they’ve had to overcome. Listeners can learn a lot from the experiences of others.”


The content that Kentaro offers to his listeners is the type of content he would’ve liked to have access to when he first started his business and became interested in Bitcoin. His goal is to have successful people from all walks of life and places worldwide on the podcast to prove that anyone can make it happen if they want it badly enough and are willing to take specific steps to achieve success.


“If my podcast can help even one person build generational wealth through principled investing, I know that I’ve done my part to help,” says Roy. “I want different people to listen to the podcast and feel more inspired than ever before. If they’ve found something they feel passionate about doing, it’s important to go for it and remain dedicated to it. When people listen to the podcast, they can find out how others got started with their businesses and investing, learning enough from the experiences of others to take the plunge and go for it themselves.”


The Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast doesn’t promote scam cryptocurrencies, so listeners never have to worry about getting tricked into making investments that won’t work out well for them in the long run. With the valuable advice of Kentaro Roy and the many experts that he plans to interview during each episode of his podcast, those who are thinking about starting businesses and making investments have a lot to learn, with plenty of information available to begin listening to in their spare time.

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