BlackPink Ft PewDiePie New Song is Soon Coming Your Way!

BlackPink Ft PewDiePie New Song is Soon Coming Your Way!

Isn’t it amazing to see a group of girls entirely having dedicated their careers towards music? Girls who intend to break the stereotypic trends prevailing in society. Well, here is a group that you must know! Yes, we are talking about a South Korean girls group named BlackPink which has released its multiple amazing music albums after its debut in 2016. The group received a huge welcome globally when released mini-albums such as “Square Up” and “Kill This Love”. The girls in the group have set a milestone after performing at one of the biggest music festivals in the United States named “Coachella”. After proving their global presence through a piece “How You Like That”, a song full of charismatic Hip hop sounds, the group is coming up with its new song in the coming days and is featuring the biggest England based Swedish YouTube star – PewdiePie who is a comedian, gamer, and philanthropist and deeply loved by his fans. However, the name for BlackPink Ft PewDiePie’s newsong has not been announced yet and is expected to be shared with the fans soon.

How Many Members are there in BlackPink?

Well, this astonishingly creative group consists of 4 talented South Korean girls namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa who are indeed the polymath in the music industry. The girls are famous throughout the South Korean entertainment industry for their unique and quality entertainment stuff. The new song that the girls have recorded with PewDiePie is expected to be a breakthrough in the music industry. Lots of fans have warmly welcomed and enjoyed all of the music tracks of this group that could be witnessed in the feedback section under each music track on famous platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

When BlackPink Ft PewDiePie New Song is Expected to be Released?

The fans of the BlackPink group and PewDiePie are desperately waiting for the new song to be released. Knowing the excitement and thrill that the audience contains, the countdown website has revealed the exact time after which the new song will be mainstreamed. The wait is not over yet! Still, it’s going to take at least 3 weeks for this song to be publicized.

What Sort of Feedback is Expected from BlackPink Ft PewDiePie New Song?

Even though the song is not yet released, the outpouring positive feedback that BlackPink and PewDiePie have received is itself incredible. The song is expected to beat the 24 hours views count on various platforms including YouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram. If you visit the official social media pages of BlackPink, you will be astonished to see how people are super excited to hear the first beat of this upcoming song. Everyone is revealing how their time seems to pass slowly with each moment while approaching the final moments of release of this song. Many of the fans daily visit the BlackPink Ft Pewdiepie website to see the countdown for the release of their new song.

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