Brasa Gang the group of the year



In the last period we have seen several artists in the field of
Italian rap

But among them we note a similarity of the other, in recent months instead in a group of Sicilian boys the “Brasa Gang” is depopulating on the web and many users already define them the artists of the year for a simple reason, in a saturated environment as an Italian rap scene the Brasa gang has certainly proposed something different mainly we talk about a different sound from the rest of the scene and topics treated in a completely different way, the numbers totaled between 2019 and 2020 speak for them, one success after another for this group of young artists who told us the secret of their success or perseverance and the ability to believe in themselves, the two rappers of this team Mesca and Jameflow declare that it was not at all easy to achieve these results, their first step was to overcome the indifference of the public and consider a high quality product and the figure of the two producers Tony Zarr and Young Woshy comes into play who continuously states to the beat prod uctions to the mixes and masters of the songs and everything else, declared in addition that teamwork is a factor of great importance for the realization of each project, the foundation of their recording studio has led a reality on the island that did not exist, just as today Sicily is on the same level as the other Italian regions. We wish these guys a long career with the Note that their tracks will remain over time.

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