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C-truck movement stopped due to mechanical faults and naval crisis in Jamuna river

C-truck movement stopped due to mechanical faults and naval crisis in Jamuna river

The ferry service on the Sariakandi-Madarganj route has been closed for the last 16 days due to naval crisis on the Jamuna river in Sariakandi, Bogra and mechanical faults in the C-truck. On September 20, the ferry broke down in the middle of the river. Earlier, four days after the inauguration, the ship was wrecked once. On the one hand, the suffering of the passengers traveling on that route and on the other hand, the lessee is suffering financially.

According to local sources

the initiative was taken to launch a ferry service on the river Jamuna from Bogra to the capital in a short time and to facilitate traffic-free travel. State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury inaugurated the C-truck “Shaheed Abdur Rob Seniabat” from Kalitala Ghat in Sariakandi to Jamthal Ghat on August 12. Four days after the inauguration, the C-truck stopped running due to a mechanical fault. An expert team from BIWTC’s Narayanganj Dockyard came and repaired it.

It is learned that the C-truck

has been crumbling for the last few days. On September 17, the C-truck left Jamthal Ghat in Sariakandi near Madarganj in Jamalpur for Kalitala Ghat. When the engine broke down in the middle of the river, the passengers got stuck. Passengers are transported by boat to the river bank. Two days later, the C-truck was taken ashore by a rescue ferry.

Zahidur Rahman Ujjwal, information and research secretary of Jamalpur’s Madarganj Upazila Awami League, said he had leased a C-truck for Tk 50,000 a month. Due to mechanical faults and naval crisis in the river Jamuna, the movement has been stopped for the last 18 days.

He said, “Since taking the lease,

the loss has to be calculated at an average of Tk 5,000 per day. C-truck travel costs 140 liters of fuel worth Tk 11,000 per day and 11 staff members have to pay Tk 3,000. The price of each ticket is 100 rupees. Even though tickets sell for an average of Tk 10,000 per day, the tenant of Kalitala Ghat has to pay Tk 40 per person. As the lease price of the ghat is high, I am being forced to pay 100 rupees for each ticket. After paying the fee to the lessee, all the expenses have to be borne within the remaining 60 rupees.

Leaseholder Ujjwal further said that he had informed BIWTC director Ashiquzzaman about the C-truck breakdown and naval crisis. However, although it is possible to repair the engine, the C-truck has to be stopped due to the naval crisis.

As a result, he is suffering and the people

traveling on that route are suffering. They have to travel 16-17 km at their own risk.
Nur Mohammad, a regular passenger on the Sariakandi-Jamalpur route, told Time TV that he was optimistic about the introduction of C-trucks on this route. But after a few days the C-truck broke down, disrupting our journey.

Sariakandi Upazila Nirbahi Officer Russell Mia said it was not possible to run C-trucks on the existing route due to the naval crisis. This route cannot be operated without dredging.

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