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Captain Mahmudullah Continue to support us

West Indies took 19 runs in the last over today. Meanwhile, Bangladesh needed 13 runs in the last over to win. Captain Mahmudullah was on the wicket, Bangladesh managed to score only 9 runs. Mahmudullah could not win the team even in the equation of winning the last four.

Bangladesh has not yet bid farewell to the T20 World Cup. Bangladesh can still hope for the semi-finals with fine calculations. That is why the captain is asking for the help of the supporters.

Bangladesh lost the first three matches of the Super Twelve. Now only the game with Australia and South Africa is left. Even if he wins two matches, Bangladesh will have to look at a lot.

two matches

Mahmudullah therefore came to the press conference and said that he had given up hope of reaching the semi-finals. “There is still a lot to gain,” he said. Hopes for the semifinals may have waned. There are two matches. If we can win, it will be something good for the team. Everyone is trying, desperately. I am trying to give 100% on the field. It’s a mistake … I’ll try to win two matches. ‘

Hoping to win the last two matches. He also has hopes of a semifinal. But if England lose to Australia tomorrow, the World Cup will be over before those two matches.

In that case, Mahmudullah is looking for inspiration to play in the last two matches, “We will play for honor. We are trying, struggling to win. And two matches. We will give our highest in these two matches. ‘

Rate in one match after another. He is not able to show the expected performance in any game, but there is no lack of interest of Bangladeshi fans in the gallery.

Captain Mahmudullah Continue to support us

Mahmudullah is grateful for such support in the UAE, ‘We are very disappointed, because we did not meet the expectations of the supporters. They have given us great support in all the matches. So, please continue to support us. I hope I will bring some victory.

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