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Casio Was Established in Mid-19th Century

Casio Was Established in Mid-19th Century

Casio was established in mid-19th century and since then it has been gaining success rapidly. For decades, they have been producing high-quality watches to meet market demand and this is what that makes the brand best and stand out in the crowd. The company produces huge range of electronic products and diverse range of calculators and musical instruments. Watches are the most famous and best-selling product of Casio brand. Portable clocks such as wristwatches and pocket watches became more popular in 19th century and mass production started. In the 20th century wristwatches became most common watch on sale!

Quartz watches run electronically and is world’s first successful electronic watches. Casio Was Established They were not only high in quality but in fashion and technology as well. The first watch produced was called the Casiotron. Casiotron is a watch that is innovative and trendy. It does not only tell time but can automatically determine the number of days in a month, and all this information is visible on a small LCD screen. Later, with the success of digital quartz watches, Casio took their technology further with the innovation of famed G-Shock range, a stunning range of Casio watches for women and men. The series became a great success due its robust yet technologically refined capabilities and are still around us today. Followed by G-Shock another series Baby-G, a lighter and stylish version was introduced. It became the fashion icon whereas G-shock remained the choice for adventurous kind of people. Casio has some affordable watches for men and men that are not only stylish but dependable as well.

Casio G-Shock DW-5600:

DW-5600 is probably one of the best Casio watches of all time. It is slim, durable and is available in many colours. The watch offers a clear legible screen with a backlight for night. It also has a versatile square profile that fits every wrist. The watch is affordable and is value for money. Additionally, it has tremendous battery life.

Casio Classic Resin Strap Digital Sport Watch (F91W-1):

One of the cheap branded watches is Casio F91W-1. The classic digital watch comes with features like 12/24-hour format, hourly alar, auto calendar, and a micro-backlight. It gives a retro vibe which adds charm to it. The watch is not suitable for swimming but can withstand an occasional splash of water.

Casio Twin Sensor Digital Watch (SGW100):

For those who loves trekking or outdoor activities Casio’s Pro-Trek watch line is the perfect partner. The main feature of Twin Sensor Digital Watch is that it has a digital compass and a barometer which is crucial for outdoor enthusiasts.

G-Shock Baby-G (BA110BE-7A):

For those who love the durability of G-shock but do not like its bulky design then Baby-G is for you. Baby-G BA110BE-7A is a model that is as durable as G-shock but trims off the extra fat that G-Shock models have. Additionally, it has stopwatch and countdown timer along with World Time function.

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