CBD Gummies vs Hemp Gummies, What Are Their Uses?

There can be real uncertainty when trying to order products derived from Cannabis plants. Where and what is legal from place to place is not all that clear. Especially things like CBD gummies and hemp gummies, which both are legal nearly everywhere, but many don’t know that.

Even in states where marijuana is illegal, both of these edibles are mostly allowed. Make sure before ordering online though, but it’s nearly every state that allows it. 

However, it’s also important to know exactly what you’re ordering because they do have very different uses

What do these edibles do?

Because these substances are all somewhat related to marijuana, there can be confusion about what they actually do.

The first thing to know is that neither will get you high. Marijuana that is used to get high contains THC, the active mind-altering ingredient. That’s what makes it illegal in so many places, but it is a very different composition than these types of edibles.

CBD gummies are made from the same cannabis plants that get people high, but they have separated out the THC so it doesn’t get you high (there are some hybrid substances that include THC, but those are only sold at Cannabis shops in legalized states).

These edibles are well known for helping with anxiety and stress relief. They are common for people going through high-stress situations to help get calmed down. High-level athletes such as Megan Rapinoe have touted the effects for assisting with anxiety issues related to competition.

Other popular uses are to help with sleep problems. These are a natural option for those who might have problems with falling asleep at night. As a non-pharmaceutical option, some people might be more inclined to take it as a natural substance.

As for hemp gummies, they do have benefits, but a different sort than the other option.

One of their most well-known properties is as an anti-inflammatory. This can help users with pain relief and lessen inflammation. 

These properties can also help with acne and other skin conditions where irritation can be reduced.

Another positive property of them is they help with digestion issues. Gut problems can be a major concern for some people. This is a natural alternative that has been found to help those whose stomach is uncooperative.

These two options certainly have their upsides and will continue to increase in popularity. But they are not the only substance out there that is growing.

How Does Kratom Compare?

There are other substances that can get lumped in with edibles like these. One of the very common, not illegal ones is an herb called kratom that is sold over the counter at convenience stores.

A strong advertising campaign has made the herb quite visible. Many might be wondering what is kratom?

It’s an herb derived from a tree in southeast Asia. Traditionally, the herb was used in medical practice but has found new life as a recreational substance. Acting like an opioid or stimulant, it can increase pleasure and decrease pain during use.

Because it is a newer substance in the US, there is little information on its use. It’s currently undergoing scientific study. Once completed, the FDA will likely rule on the substance about whether it will be allowed for recreational use.

Until then, expect to continue to see more kratom as its popularity rises. Its easy access makes it a popular option for users.

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