Chandigarh is adopting technology at a fast pace says Saumil Kohli

Takeaway: Technology and entrepreneurship are often talked about togetherly. A few years back, when there wasn’t such advanced technology, there were not as many businesses as we see today. Due to the communication gap between the people, businesses were difficult to handle. 

Acceptance of technology by businesses and startups.

Now that we have such a massive change in terms of technology, people can connect through various means of communication. Two people from different cities or even different countries can now connect via emails, messages, video calls, or phone calls and discuss their business points of view. 

When the world is stuck in a pandemic, face-to-face meetings and working in an office became difficult. In such an uncertain time, the thing that helped the people still going with the pace was technology. Work-from-home became a popular choice. Meetings started to happen over Skype and Zoom calls, people started to work on their laptops by sitting at the convenience of their homes, and everything ran smoothly as before.

In India also, technology has taken over almost every sector, including healthcare and business/startups. Every city is now adapting to the various means of technologies and creating more and more startup hubs or business hubs for people to learn its importance. There is an enormous increase in the number of startups in the past few decades. And we can also see a significant amount of development in technology. These two things are not merely a coincidence but are related to each other.

How startups in Chandigarh are using this technology to build their business stronger.

New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, etc., are a few names that come to our mind when we think of the term “metro-cities.” These cities are advanced in terms of everything from technology to business to financials. “The startup and business sector contributes a huge amount to the economy of any city or nation. When Bengaluru remains the top choice for the IT startup owners, Chandigarh is also attracting many startups due to its youth population and perfect location.”, says Saumil Kohli, an IT professional from Chandigarh.

“Chandigarh has evolved in terms of business and startups in the past few years by a lot. Several popular startup owners belong to Chandigarh itself. Binny Bansal, one of India’s most popular entrepreneurs and the co-founder of the popular e-commerce site in India, Flipkart, also belongs to Chandigarh. Due to so many popular educational institutions and a huge number of young and fierce youth here, more and more startups are planning to establish themselves in Chandigarh in the coming years,” says Saumil Kohli.

The coworking space in Chandigarh has become a popular choice for many startups in business. One can get all sorts of benefits like saving expenses on various bills, connecting with people from the same field, and providing a good working environment.

The startups of Chandigarh are slowly accepting the importance of technology and using it for their benefit. “Technology helps in running a business by various means. It increases its visibility among people as the advertisements create more and more awareness among people. Not only this, but it also helps in creating a better bond with the customers and creating awareness among them about their prospects. Hence, I encourage more and more startups and businesses to use technology in their businesses to help it expand better and create a better future ahead.” adds Saumil.

On the other hand, office space for rent in Chandigarh provide a safe and sound environment for these emerging startups. They save the cost of actually buying a whole new office space, electricity bills, water bills, etc., and help connect with the other startups and businesses as well.

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