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Charles Michael Vaughns Expression on Marketing

According to Charles Michael Vaughn, a strong marketing strategy is mandatory in the present age of online business. The Internet has made the marketing process easier and expansion in any business is not that much difficult as it used to be, in the past era. Charles Michael Vaughn explains the importance of marketing strategy.

His Point of View is mentioned in The Proceeding Lines:

The first thing that is quite important in the marketing strategy is the audience experience. The audience must feel good about your services and products, as well as the importance you have given to them as a customer. According to Charles Michael Vaughan, a customer should never feel like he is just a number in the list of all other numbers. The biggest and best marketing strategy is to make the customer. Important as well as his shopping experience as something perfect. After that, if he did not need something, he will come back for shopping for your services, just to revive and relive that experience. You have entertained him.


The next thing you should keep in mind is that no, not all customers are always interested in buying multiple items. Some customers come back to you. Getting the same product or same services again and again while others come back to you for multiple choices you have offered to them. Your marketing strategy should be. For all customers. So that every customer must feel entertained by your services

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Relevant Industry

The second thing, Charles Michael Vaughn emphasizes is the online consumer base. According to him, the Internet has given the basic grounds for the industries to expand their business. According to him, almost 4.2 billion people are strolling the Internet, and impossible searching for relevant industry products. Or organizations that are offering the services they are searching for. It is your duty as an industrialist or business person to search. And find the data to reach out to the customers who are just scrolling and Searching for the services you are providing to the people.


According to him, as an advertiser, you must reach out to potential customers wherever they live, work or shop. You have to get the data and reach out to them through Internet access. You should use all the given resources to reach out to the people living in any area or country present in the world.

Is Your Business Visible?

Big an advertiser, this is the most important question that you should answer yourself, is your business visible? Here it is quite important to explain what does business visibility means?


While locating your physical office or shop at a certain point means that you, you, and your product, as well as services, Would be limited to the local area. Only a few people from the surrounding city may know about your products and services. When it comes to online forums. There is plenty of audiences that can reach out to you.


Advertising your products while being offline is quite a difficult task, but online advertising is easier than you might ever have imagined. On the Internet and social media platforms. An advertiser does not have much control over the audience who is going through the products and services. Anywhere in the world can click on your website or page and can go through your services. In quite simple words, the Internet is the only medium that is always promoting your services and products even without your permission. Your company, as well as products, are visible to the general public as well as to your targeted customers.

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In This Scenario, What Is the Responsibility of An Advertiser?

The responsibility of an advertiser increases here. The vast ground with a lot of audiences has been given to him. All he has to do now is to search for the targeted customers and showcase his products and services to him. The huge population is definitely a difficulty to showcase the products and services. Here, internet tools and tactics can be used to filter the population. The clicks, likes as well as views from a specific region, age group, or specific kind of user can make the deal bigger. You can put as many filters as you want to reach out to the maximum targeted customers. By using specific keywords, you can bring your advertisements to the recommendation and suggestion bar.

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