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Children among 12 killed in Yemen car blast near Aden airport

Children among 12 killed in Yemen car blast near Aden airport

Children among 12 killed in Yemen car blast near Aden airport Another security official confirmed the toll. The internationally recognised government relocated to Aden from the capital Sanaa in 2014, forced out by the Huthis, who are fighting Saudibacked Yemeni government loyalists. A Saudiled military coalition intervened in Yemen’s war in 2015. No one has yet claimed responsibility for Saturday’s blast, which is the deadliest in the area since December last year, when an attack targeting cabinet members ripped through Aden’s airport.

The Iranianbacked Huthi militia targeted the AlKamp neighbourhood with… shells, which led to the death of three children, the Saba new agency said. One of the wounded children has had his legs amputated and all three are in a critical condition, it added. A security official told AFP that the three children killed were brothers. A doctor at Taez hospital confirmed the report to AFP, and said the toll could rise.

Taez is a city of 600,000 people under government control in the southwest of Yemen, a country that has been at war for the last seven years. In recent weeks, fighting has intensified around the government’s sole remaining northern stronghold the city of Marib in the oilrich province of the same name. The coalition has said it has killed some 2,000 rebels around the city in almost daily strikes since October 11. Yemen is also home to AlQaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which launches periodic attacks against both fighters aligned with the country’s authorities and the insurgents.

Also Read Reports: Dozens of homes destroyed in Myanmar shelling It was the PDF who burnt (the town), not our Tatmadaw, he said, referring to the military by its Myanmar name. AFP could not independently verify the reports from the remote region. Most of Thantlang’s inhabitants fled the town during clashes last month, many of them crossing the border to India.

John the Divine Cathedral in Manhattan’s Morning Sight Heights, New York City Police Commissioner Dermat Shia told reporters. Police are responding to a shooting Sunday at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York. NBC New York Police found a bag belonging to the man that contained gasoline, rope, wire, several knives, a Bible and tape. He had two semi-automatic handguns, Shia said.

The cathedral’s annual Christmas caroling event, held in its front steps, erupted shortly before 4 p.m. It is not clear how many times the man fired, but three officers fired 15 shots and hit him in the head, Shia said. Shia said he heard several witnesses saying the man was “killing me.” The possible purpose was not immediately known. Shia said there were no other reports of injuries. Additional details about the shooting were not immediately available.



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