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China increasing nuclear arsenal much faster than was

It is closing the gap with the United States in terms of the number of weapons. The Pentagon said in a report released on Wednesday that the Pentagon had not been notified of the incident.

The U.S. Department of Defense has prepared this annual report on China’s military progress for submission to Congress.

In a similar report released last year the Pentagon estimated that China’s stockpile of nuclear weapons could double by 2030. But long before that China’s nuclear arsenal is getting bigger.

The United States and Russia are leading the world in stockpiling nuclear weapons. Now China is in fierce competition with these two countries.

Beijing has built a new stockpile of nuclear missiles in western China independent researchers say after analyzing satellite images. The United States has expressed concern in response to the news.

The Pentagon says it is concerned about the United States. Because this action has raised questions about China’s intentions. In this regard Washington has called on Beijing to bring more transparency to the progress of the nuclear project.

India says it has successfully test-fired an Agni-5 missile in the ongoing conflict with China.

Analysts see India’s missile test as a warning to regional rival China.

According to Indian media NDTV the Agni-5 surface-to-air missile has a range of 5000 km. It belongs to the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile ICBM class. India claims that the missile can hit the target on the ground perfectly.

Among them Agni-5 can hit a target at a distance of 600 km. And Agni-2 has the capacity to cover two thousand kilometers. On the other hand India claims that Agni-3 and 4 can travel 2500 to 3500 kilometers.

Last June India test-fired a nuclear-capable Agni Prime missile. This is a more sophisticated version of the Agni class of missiles.

Internet access will be available on Earth via artificial satellites or satellites from space. Boeing Corporation a US aircraft manufacturer is going to start working on such an internet project. U.S. authorities last Wednesday approved the launch of an artificial satellite to provide Boeing with Internet access. News AFP.

“Satellite broadband services can play an important role in establishing better connectivity in remote areas” said FCC Chairperson Jessica Rosenorsell.

A Boeing statement said the company was looking at the future of multi-orbit for satellite technology.

Several more companies are already working to provide internet access through artificial satellites. This includes US billionaire Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. They have launched one and a half thousand artificial satellites into space to build the Starlink network. In addition Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a similar project called Kuiper.

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin has already cut tickets and introduced sub-orbital space travel. And Elon Musk is planning to settle on Mars through his organization SpaceX.

It’s time to dump her and move on. At the same time what will happen if someone dies there. After death on earth the body decomposes in a few steps.

The name of this step is Rigger Mortis. Then the cell wall breaks down and the inner material comes out.

At the same time bacteria come out of the intestines and spread throughout the body. They consume the soft tissues of the body and the gas they emit causes the body to swell.

This is the natural process of digestion. Again mummification can occur in dry environments be it cold or warm.

In an oxygen-deprived damp environment water can break down body fat into a waxy substance in the process of hydrolysis. This wax-like ingredient preserves the body by acting as a coating on the skin.

However the skeleton is quite stubborn. Many times they last for thousands of years.

Let’s see what happens if we die in space.

Without a force of gravity blood will not begin to accumulate in one place.

If there is a space suit in the body however the rigor mortis process will be active. Intestinal bacteria will also swallow the soft tissues. However these bacteria need oxygen to function properly.

Germs in the soil also contribute to the process of digestion.

Such as in the case of skeletons. If people survive the bones are still alive. It contains organic matter such as blood vessels and collagen as well as inorganic material such as crystals.

Organic matter decomposes for natural reasons so the skeletons we see in museums are just inorganic remains. However different planets may have strongly acidic soils and vice versa.

However other planets in our solar system do not have such insects. So there is less opportunity to take advantage of human remains.

However in a dry desert planet like Mars the soft tissues may dry out. Maybe there will be skeletal decay and destruction like in the world.

Temperature is also a big factor in digestion. For example temperatures on the moon can range from 120 degrees Celsius to below 180 degrees Celsius. There will be the effect of too hot or too cold environment.

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