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Choosing The Perfect Dirt Jumping Bikes

Cycling is an activity that has a lot of potential in the field of sports. Activities like cycle racing and dirt jumping are pretty famous. The cycles or bikes involved in these sports are not regular traveling bikes. These bikes are specially made for this sport keeping the purpose in mind. The rider of such sport needs to possess excellent skills like flicks, rolls, no-handed balance, and many more. To execute such complicated and challenging tricks, the rider requires special bikes called dirt jumpers. This allows the riders to do more than just ride and it gives them more mobility.

What Is Dirt Jumping?

Dirt jumping is a cycling sport that involves jumping and doing flicks over piles made of dirt and soil. This activity is kind of similar to BMX racing or mountain biking. Generally, the final goal of this sport is not to be the first to finish but rather todo the most amount of tricks. Of course, one needs these skills and years of training and practice to perform the tricks in a completive field. Additionally, professional needs dirt jumper bikes to perform such complex tricks. These kinds of bikes assist the rides in doing tricks, gimmicks, and other forms of freestyle stunts.

Obviously, like in every sport, this one also involves manual errors, accidents that lead to injuries. This activity requires a high amount of skill such as balance, precision and consistency. But, even highly trained people may make mistakes leading to such incidents. So one must use proper gears and props and wear appropriate protection to avoid injuries. Apart from taking all the precautions, another important aspect remains; it is your bicycle. It is important to choose the bike according to your height, weight and preference or convenience. If the cycle goes in sync with the rider, chances of accidents and injuries reduce.

Props Required In Dirt Jumping 

Dirt jumping is a sport that requires acrobatic skills to perform. and these kinds of tricks and turns come with the chances of getting injured if not properly trained. Although, training and practices alone cannot save you from any danger; many aspects are involved with the entire process. So before hopping into your dirt jumper, you must know and take all the preventive measures. The gears or props required in this field have a huge impact. Helmets, knee guards, pads, and a full-length shirt is necessary. These props provide you protection from uncertain accidents and decrease the chances of injuries.

Choosing The Preferable Dirt Jumper For You

For performing this activity, you require a high amount of skills and practice. But as it involves risk, you also require some form of protection such as pads, knee guards, and others. But most importantly, one needs to choose the perfect kind of dirt jumper that suits them the most. These bikes are mainly made for this activity and designed for acrobatic launch, aerial stunts, and trick or jump landing. So, proper selection of the bike is important.

  • The critical factor is the size of the bike. The tube of the bike plays a huge role in influencing the frame size of the bike. The seat of the bike does not matter that much as you can adjust it later.
  • The type of bike which is more accessible for people to ride varies. Some people like smaller frames while other prefer larger frame size.
  • Larger frame size is mainly used because it provides more stability. Therefore, makes it more suitable for jumping and performing tricks.


Dirt jumping is an exciting sport and requires high-level skills and practice. The flicks, acrobatic stunts, and creative jumps are entertaining factors of this activity. However, these stunts are dangerous as it involves a lot of tricky, complicated and complex moves. So, taking  proper protection and having the correct kind of dirt jumper help you have not only fun but a safe ride  while dirt jumping.

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