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Clayton Brothers

Clayton Brothers Paintings and Exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery

Clayton Brothers are Back In The Swing of Things with a brand new album and a brand new record label. Brothers John and Jeff, the former on bass and the latter on saxophone. Two of the most prolific musicians in mainstream jazz. Also part of the celebrated. The siblings have earntheir esteemreputation with a number of top selling. Recordings and sold out concert dates around the world. Arrangements on records by everyone from Diana Krall to Count Basie. On their latest, the band joinby Bill Cunliffe on piano.

Terrell Stafford on trumpet:

Jeff Hamilton on drums, are as powerful as ever. The swing comes hard and steady, but there are also a number of gorgeous interludes. That add a unique balance and flavor to the proceedings. Jazz fans will no doubt savor the return of one of the music’s finest modern quintets.

Christian Clayton are brothers, collaborators, and the best of friends. Collectively they work as the producing dynamic, improvisational, yet purposeful and humane paintings, installations and mixed-media works on paper. The Clayton Brothers’ approach to art-making is a collaborative process: one brother begins a painting, then hands it off to the other, then back again, and so on.

Their art is narrative Clayton Brothers:

Autobiographical, uncanny and intuitive, cullfrom the secret language of a sharchildhood. Rather than nostalgic musings about youth, the recollections of the past are revealthrough a twistlens of adulthood. At once epic and intimate, the layerpaintings become stories where the matrix of two psyches – independent, but relat- weave together elements of memory and the subconscious using the seemingly innocuous – the TV dinner, the toothbrush, the dastardly squirrel- as metaphors and messengers.

Clayton Brothers’ narrative style is a kind of non-linear abstraction verging on reality. There is nothing premeditator provincial about this work. The sheer bulk of characters with their untammanners, liberty of movement, power in space, but also their elegance is conveywith a masterly precision and economy of line that befits two artists with more than 20 combinyears of art-making. The tonal qualities and the ingenious use of surfaces in the canvas and on paper, suggest a kind of cinematic perspective. The freshness of the pigments and the impact of the colors is a force on innocent eyes who are unaccustomto visual forms outside nature itself.Clayton Brothers’ Wishy Washy, the walk-in, heavily graffitititle piece in their recent exhibition.

Los Angeles Clayton Brothers:

Clayton have shown their collaborative work regularly in West Coast and Houston galleries, as well as at Art Basel Miami Beach, but this was their first New York solo outing. Paintinside and out with dense abstract patterns and collagwords, Wishy Washy came complete with three life-size fake Maytags, a shelf linwith bottles of detergent, a change machine and a table surroundby a couple of grimy chairs.

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