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Coaching The World’s Aspirers To Peak Fitness With Jonathan Fogelberg

Very few of the world’s business people have managed to manifest newfound success during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Where company development took a dive and industries became unviable overnight, entrepreneurs looked for a new take on practices amidst the insecurity.

Throughout the turbulent period, high performers sought out solutions for fitness improvement. @jonathanfogelberg is the CEO and founder of COACH JF, and has endeavored on a journey to provide next level coaching services. Already a highly respected trainer for athletes, Jonathan was able to pioneer a new approach for those looking to improve their personal fitness.

The competitive edge has been within Jonathan since early in his life. Beginning aged four, he took part in the likes of ice hockey, soccer, and golf, gaining experience in competitive sports. An early life centered around sport inspired Jonathan’s future in business as watching his parents work overtime to pay for his ice hockey passion propagated his desire to build a business that could one day return the favor. The sudden passing of his father in 2020 leaves the coach with a sole pledge to help his mother into retirement this summer at the age of 57.

For a number of years, COACH JF has helped athletes reach their full potential, with the aim of attaining the coveted IFBB Pro card. Indeed, the entrepreneur has given clients a leg up to over 270 top three placings since 2016 and six IFBB Pro cards since 2019. However, with a large number of competitions being indefinitely postponed in 2020, he has shifted his ambition to a bigger pool of potential clients, providing high quality fitness coaching to a range of aspirers and success stories.

With the increasing globalization of the sector, COACH JF has turned to focus on the universal potential of its business model. With its CEO now based in Dubai, the company looks to become the leading fitness solution for successful people worldwide.

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