Comilla police prosecuted for robbery of gold jewelry and cash

Local police dismissed the charges, saying it was a raid to arrest the suspect.
A woman from Comilla filed a lawsuit against 17 police officers for stealing money and gold jewelry from her home.
In a case presented to the Comilla Court on Wednesday, Salma Akhter, a resident of Brahmanpara Upazila, also accused law enforcement officers of assaulting her family. The
High Magistrate Mithila Jahan Nipa court ordered the police to investigate the matter and then set September 29 as the deadline for reporting, lawyer Mohammad Golam Mostafa said.

We will investigate the complaints based on the court order,” said Comilla Police Judge Faruq Ahmed (Faruq Ahmed). The police charged in case
belonged to the Brahmin Pala Police Station.

Please also read that six Feni DB officers were suspended for robbing gold merchants. Matiur Ra​​hman Police Officer Jamal Hosuzzain.
Another 10 unidentified policemen were charged in this case.
According to the case documents, the police broke into Salma Akhter’s home without a search warrant and robbed gold jewelry, 200,000 taka cash and mobile phones.

The plaintiff Salma Akhter claimed that before taking away her husband Abul Kalam Azad, the police carried out a physical attack on her freedom fighter father Jamal Ahmed Khan.
Her father had to be admitted to Comilla Medical College Hospital due to injuries, Salma said.

Brahminpara local police dismissed the charges, saying Salma’s home was raided to arrest her brother Lokman Hossain, who was wanted for multiple crimes, including robbery.......
“During the raid, when her husband was detained, the locals led by Salma and her husband attacked the police. Lokman was later arrested,” said OC Appella Raju Naha.

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