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Constitutional Court PP candidate, Jaumamatus in “Parma Arena Case”: “Don’t forget me for legal reasons”

About legal questions that may arise. ” The date of this email accessed by ELPAÍS is June 24, 2008. According to the prosecutor, he defended the lack of evidence. Arnaldo, contacted by El País on Thursday, defended his “honesty” and “independence” before taking him to the Guarantee Court while waiting for a number of Conservative appeals

The teacher said he did not remember the exact contents of these emails and remembered that the judge had closed the proceedings against him. As the professor said, by this time Matas had already left the board and had a professional relationship with him.

Ramon Entrena specializes in the controversial administrative districts where they hired “several people.” Arnaldo also emphasized that he hired other executives with “different political backgrounds. “Dear Jaume” starts an email from Arnaldo. “My brother-in-law (detailed notary) participated in other people’s business projects and they launched a biodiesel company.

They don’t want (or can’t) move forward for some reason, so they agreed to put the company up for sale. We will send you a presentation of the plants.Dig into it with a notary public. hug”. “PD .: I hope your son has graduated completely. Remember me about possible legal issues. Tell me about Panama.”

Banus The professor acts as an intermediary according to the content of the notice contained in the summary. “We are sending you a non-disclosure agreement to access information about your investment in Playa Hotels & Resorts, SL, a North American company that is managed.” It is managed by the Barcelo Group.FAES Contract with Government Arnaldo, PP Proposed Constitution After His Education

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