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Corona treatment pills era

Kobhida very common to eat pills can heal you, however, is how? US drug maker Mark and Faiza encouraging results in the treatment of the test has to eat pills. Bisannatapratirodhi also showed good results in the treatment of one of the drugs kobhida.

AFP this information, saying that the intake of the pill can open a new chapter in the fight against epidemics.

What kind of animal?

Kobhida 19-of-mouth to eat immediately after the onset of symptoms to start taking the pills. It would be possible to avoid serious illness and hospitalization. Corona around the world since the beginning of the epidemic had been waiting for such drugs. After months of research, Mark and Faiza able to reach the desired goal.

Mark said authorities at the beginning of October, the corona treatment in the United States for the use of pills as they malanupirabhira Drug Administration approved wanted to. And on Friday, asking for approval referred to Faiza said. The company’s anti-viral or bhairasapratirodhi the pill because it may reduce the virus is similar to the creation of the subject. The disease outbreak is slowing down. The two companies are very good results from the clinical trial has been claimed. The risk of hospitalization of patients decreased significantly.

According to experiments, to verify the effectiveness of malanupirabhirera to carry out a study on 775 patients mark.

And it did not take away any of the patients.

Use of the drugs on the market phlubhaksamina kobhida bisannatapratirodhi the treatment of patients with promising results, researchers have claimed. In October, Brazilian researchers have published articles in this regard, “The Lancet Global Health journal name.

Why is it important to eat the pills?

And in the face of eating at home without having to take pills, doctors advise.Mark and phaijarera serious side effects were seen up to now the pills. Patients who take the pill is 10 to five days. British virologist Stephen Griffin said, “The success of these drugs have serious consequences to prevent SARS infection Cove II, will usher in a new era.”

What are the limitations?

Mark and Faiza has released a statement about the effectiveness of the pill. Clinical trial data is still in front of them did not.

 market for pharmaceutical groups.

However, Mark and phaijarera some data just does not seem to promise. The research complies with the appropriate rules. The independent monitoring committee to evaluate. Phlubhaksaminera information available, but it has been criticized.

When will the market?

The treatment of the infected person for the first time on Thursday karonaya ‘malanupirabhira “UK drugs regulator has approved the use of the pill

Sajid bold adaptations of the UK’s Health Minister, the person whose disease resistance weak and low, the groundbreaking step of this treatment. In a statement, he said: “Today is a historic day for our country.

The United States and the European Union (UE) Health authorities are urgently reviewing drug. The European Medicines Agency said on Thursday they would quickly review the matter. However, they did not mention a specific time..

Corona treatment pills era

Already a number of countries malanupirabhira ‘pill has orders. At the top of the list of the United States. The first phase of the country’s 17 million courses pills order. The price of a one-day pill for the course is US $ 700.
However, they promised to provide medicines at affordable prices.

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