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Coronavirus infections rise in Asian countries influence of the Delta variant

Coronavirus infections rise in Asian countries influence of the Delta variant

Coronavirus infections peaked in India in May. At that time there were more than four lakh infections. This infection has now begun to decrease. 553 people died. The Delta variant had the most impact in spreading the infection there. Infections are now declining in India, but in other Asian countries, the impact of this variant is increasing. A BBC analysis has highlighted the situation of infection in these countries.

Coronavirus infections are on the rise in Indonesia under the influence of the Delta variant. As the number of infections in the country has increased, so has the shortage of oxygen in hospitals.

Corona vaccination rates are lower than in Asia, where infections are on the rise. As a result, various international organizations have expressed concern. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that among the variants identified so far, the variant identified in India is the fastest spreading.

Apart from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are some of the neighboring countries that have spread this variant. Out of these, the infection has started decreasing in the other three countries except Bangladesh. The transition between these three countries was widespread in Nepal. The country’s healthcare system was at risk as infections spread.

Infection in Afghanistan, another country bordering India, took a massive turn last June. According to the WHO, this variant has led to an increase in infections in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand and Mongolia.


Lockdown is effective in Indonesia due to increased coronavirus infection. The lockdown will remain in effect until July 20. Infections began to increase in the country in early June. At the time, the government said the infection was on the rise as Delta variants spread.

Vaccination activities have been intensified in the country to combat coronavirus infection. President Joko Widodo has set a new vaccination target. He wants to give 10 lakh vaccines in one day. And he wants to double the vaccination rate by August.

Besides, there has been a bed crisis in the hospital. The oxygen crisis has intensified in the country. Indonesia ranks 18th in the list of countries affected by the Corona. And more than 61 thousand corona patients have died.


Infection of Corona Delta variant is also increasing in Bangladesh. They gave this information last Sunday. After the identification of Delta type in Bangladesh in April, its rate started increasing.


But Thailand is still welcoming tourists. This was the first country to offer tourists the opportunity to travel without quarantine. Although the vaccination rate in the country is low. So far, 4 percent of citizens have received two doses of the vaccine.


Mongolia is one of the leading countries in Asia in vaccination. However, corona infections have recently begun to increase in the country. After the outbreak, some reports said the outbreak was on the rise because Chinese vaccines were not effective. However, the government disagreed.

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