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Covid misinformation takes its toll on British doctors

Covid misinformation takes its toll on British doctors

In recent weeks it has had serious real world repercussions with protesters raiding hospitals and abusing health workers.

Full protection against corona virus outbreak

A woman takes part in an anti vaccine protest in London’s Parliament Square

To date the country has recorded more than corona virus deaths one of the highest in the world.

Conspiracy theories are not new here and Britain has received misinformation about the corona virus since the outbreak began

A Yukov poll in May He suggested that Republican voters outnumbered Democrats to believe many conspiracy theories about Govt 19.

Not always in the UK support for masks and other locking measures Is too high

For example those who identify as left wingers will agree that vaccines are safer than right wingers.

‘Govt is a hoax’

The period of misinformation in Britain is traditionally much shorter than in the United States

An EE network 5G mast attacked by a firefighter in Liverpool last May.

However this winter feels like a sea change

On New Year’s Day a group of anti vaccine campaigners gathered outside St Thomas’ Hospital in central London shouting Govt is a scam towards doctors and nurses leaving the building.

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Dr Rachel Clark an immunologist at a hospital in Oxfordshire says public treatment for NHS workers has changed dramatically since last year

Facing this current of misinformation is very frustrating for people like Russell Sears a high school teacher in the English district of Norfolk northeast London.

Russell Sears says he is considering going abroad which has caused quite a stir in Britain with some misinformation

job several times during epidemics Like many in his industry he is angry that the government has not done much to protect employees slowing down schools across the country despite the virus’s outbreak killing tens of thousands and forcing millions to stay home.

Cheers to friends called Shiv said

At least I don’t feel like the attitude of others puts me at risk.

This comes at a time when Britain is battling under one of the worst corona virus outbreaks on the planet.

In the eyes of many Johnson is guilty of hypocrisy and persecutes people to follow the rules but then fails to openly break with his superior adviser

Maria Sol 4 holds a home made sign at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London in May.

Don Kidwood Getty Images File

A crisis is going on but it’s not bad in the United States

One reason for this he said is that these places have completely different traditions of freedom of speech

While conspiracy theories can easily spread on social media and right wing news sites

Alice Salvini quit her job because of the stress of teaching during epidemics

These positive Atlantic comparisons offer little comfort to front line British workers .

In the fall his doctor authorized him to take leave from work on psychiatric grounds A month later he resigned

This is very dangerous news that people are spreading because they basically say: don’t worry about it it’s not a bar do what you want he said That’s kind of the problem.

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