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Creative ideas for old mattresses and springs

Recycle and Repurpose your old mattress. You can use the components of the mattress for many different crafts. You can sew with the fabric and buttons or reupholster your furniture. If you have a frame for the mattress, you can use the wood to build something useful. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or just need a new seat, there are many ways to make the most of your old mattress.

Repurpose Your Old Mattress:

Repurposing your old mattress is an excellent way to recycle it, making it useful again and doing a bit of good for the environment. Instead of letting your old mattress go to waste, you can turn it into a new piece of furniture or a beautiful sculpture. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you can use the mattress’ fabrics and stuffing to make new pillows or reupholster furniture. You can also send the wooden frame to a carpenter or craftsman to make a unique piece of art. In addition to using these materials to create a unique piece of decor, you can even use them to make useful items for your home, such as a wine rack or an organizing rack.

Recycle Your Old Mattress:

Recycle your old mattress and do your part for the environment. Many communities are beginning to charge consumers to dump mattresses in landfills. In addition to the fees, the bulky, heavy, and often difficult-to-break-down nature of mattresses makes them a particularly challenging material to recycle.

Create a Vertical Garden:

To create a vertical garden from an old mattress, you’ll need some materials. First, you’ll need to cut a piece of 1 inch by 2-inch wood board into two pieces 27 1/2 inches long. Then, use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the plastic backing. Finally, insert the plant root ball into the outer layer of fabric, making sure to remove any soil. When you’ve finished cutting the fabric, use a staple gun to attach the pieces of fabric to the plastic backing. This will create a secure envelope for the root ball. The fun part of vertical gardening is figuring out what plants to put in it.

Make a Bean Bag Chair:

An old mattress is a perfect source of new filling for a bean bag chair. You can also use your old mattress to donate it to others who need it.

Make a Garden Bench:

You can build a do-it-yourself garden bench with an old mattress. The process is simple, but you should plan it first. Consider where the bench will go, its size, its comfort, and what material you want to use. A mattress can be a good choice for an outdoor bench, but a regular wooden bench can also be a great option. If you have a lot of unwanted mattress pieces lying around, you can use those to make a garden bench with an old mattress.

Make a Garden Trellis Out Of Your Old Mattress:

To make a garden trellis out of an old mattress, cut the mattress lengthwise, then measure the width of the top rung. If the rungs are too close together, run twine between them. Small wires are best for cucumber and pea tendrils. When shopping for a trellis, look for one with little gaps between sections. Most plants grow a few inches each week, so they need the next rung close by.


So, what can you do with an old mattress? There are a lot of options, some of which we’ve listed above. If you have an extra mattress lying around and are looking for ways to get rid of it, hopefully this article has given you some ideas.

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