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Cricketers on the list of sex scandals

Cricketers on the list of sex scandals

Tim Payne resigns as Australia’s Test captain over sex scandal He made the announcement in a written statement at a news conference in Hobart on Friday (November 19th). But not just Tim Penn, umpires from multiple cricketers have been involved in sex scandals in cricket. In particular, the list includes the names of several Australian cricketers. News from Asianet News.

Tim Payne has resigned due to an offensive incident off the field. In 2016, a former female Tasmanian cricket player was accused of sexting. The woman complained to Cricket Australia and Cricket Tasmania in June 2016 about the incident. However, Payne passed the investigation. After almost three and a half years, the Aussie star resigned after seeing the matter become known.

Legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne tops the list of sex scandals.

Then the year 2000. Warne was Steve Warr’s deputy for the Australia team. At the time, Warne’s sexually explicit phone message to British nurse Donna Wright was leaked. Multiple pornographic messages also come to the fore. As a result, Warne lost his position as co-captain.

Exactly three years later, Warne became involved in a sex scandal again. He was found in an abusive condition with a model. The model later praised Shane’s fitness. In 2006, Warne’s name came up again in the sexual debate. In addition, multiple extramarital affairs, kissing his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Harley in public at the IPL stadium in 2011, Warne all caused.

Chris Gayle, the three Caribbean star who can compete with Warne in this regard. During the 2012 T20 World Cup, Gayle was caught fighting with three British women in a hotel room. Which was very controversial. Gayle has also been accused of abusing female journalists. At the 2015 World Cup, a female activist accused Gayle of deliberately showing her genitals.Former England cricketer Ian Botham has been accused of having sex with an Australian maid.According to Vanessa, KP used to force her to have sex several times a day. The debate was not less.

Legendary Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is at the peak of his popularity among women. Once his scandal was leaked. Afridi was found with several women in a hotel room in Karachi before leaving for Pakistan to play a tournament in Singapore. Also present were two other Pakistani cricketers, Hasan Raja and Atiq-uz-Zaman. All three were dropped from the squad for the next Champions Trophy.

The rest of the cricketers were caught but Herschel Gibbs was not caught.

The former South African cricketer has said all this in his autobiography ‘To the Point’. What happened to the female staff in the hotel room before the match against Australia in the 1999 World Cup can be found by reading Gibbs’ book.

South African speed star Andre Nell has had an illicit affair with Latvian model Jelena Kultiasova. But he did not tell the woman that he was married. The woman herself finds out this information. Leaked the relationship with Nell.

In 2005, the entire West Indies team was accused of sexual misconduct. The West Indies have lost five of their last six tours to Australia. The team’s sponsor ‘Digisel’ got angry. Their officer leaked the sex of the cricketers in the hotel room. The same allegations were made against the Sri Lankan team that year. Sri Lankan police raid a brothel. It is known that it is only for cricketers. National team cricketers have been traveling there for 10 years. A policeman went there pretending to be a cricketer and caught the whole thing. Eight women were arrested.

Indian cricketer Mohammad Shamir is also on the list of sex scandals. Hasin Jahan, the cricketer’s wife, alleged that Shamir had more than one female relationship. Hasin claims that Shami has also tortured him. Although the matter is pending in the court.

Not only the cricketer but also the umpire was not left out. An Indian model has accused Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf of sexually abusing her by promising her marriage. Some of their pictures also went viral through social media. Although Rauf denied the allegations. But when the picture came out, Rauf had to face criticism.

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