Cristiano Ronaldo wears a red jersey at Old Trafford

Cristiano Ronaldo wears a red jersey at Old Trafford. Ronaldo’s body warm preparation in a red striped jersey is floating on the TV screen again and again. Francisco Filio, a 71-year-old Brazilian man, waits in front of a TV screen in Paris, 611 kilometers from Manchester. The moment of Ronaldo-Manchester reunion was watched by very few people with more enthusiasm than him.

Ronaldo and Manchester are the big emotions for Filio. He was Sir Alex Ferguson’s assistant at Manchester United. Philio was primarily responsible for creating the players. Didn’t make Ronaldo, but Ronaldo’s Manchester mission started with Filio’s hand. Filio played a key role in translating the Ronaldo-United deal, which was finalized at the seven-man negotiating table. The other six are Ronaldo’s mother, sister Naja, agent Jorge Mendes and one of his assistants, coach Sir Alex Ferguson and club director Peter Kenyon.

In 2009, Ronaldo and Manchester parted ways. Philio left Manchester in those days. But yesterday, when Ronaldo was returning to the Manchester United jersey, Filio plunged into the sea of ​​memories. Speaking to Prothom Alo, he said, ‘After Ronaldo returned to Manchester United, many at the club told me it was great for us.

He is going to come back and write a new story. I would say, he is still like a 26 year old player. You will find Sulshar in the club. He can use Ronaldo very well because he knows him very well.

It took only an hour for Philio’s words to come true. Ronaldo scored in his second debut in Manchester 12 years later, giving the team a 4-1 victory with two goals. Above all, his second debut was royal. At the end of the match, Ronaldo used the word ‘good’ three times in the beginning to talk about his personal glimpse. “Ronaldo has made it clear that his story is not over in the United jersey,” he said. There are still many stories left to write. What he has done today is enough to prove it. ”

The Brazilian has been instrumental in the rise of players such as Thierry Ori, Eric Cantona and Jean-Pierre Papa at the French Football Federation’s academy. Filio later coached Manchester from August 2002 to 2005. Started as a youth team coach. Within three months, Ferguson’s assistant went to the forest. Although it is not for long. However, later on, with the arrival of Ronaldo for the convenience of learning Portuguese, Filio was added to the main team again.

He is Ferguson’s assistant in the morning practice and in charge of the youth team in the afternoon. Ferguson’s English words reached Portuguese Ronaldo’s ears thanks to Filio.

Ronaldo’s debut against Bolton in the Manchester jersey is still in Philio’s mind. Going back many years ago, he was saying, ‘Sir Alex told me to make Ronaldo. He explained to me what his role would be on the field. That’s how I explained it to him. In the first match, he explained that he is something else.

Philio was having a good time with Ronaldo at United. Excluding the pull of love towards the little girl. The two-year-old daughter lived with her mother in France. The daughter claims that the father must stay with her. I had to leave my job in England and go to my family in Paris. Philio enjoyed the moment of Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United jersey while sitting in Paris.

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