Dato Geethanjali G husband Caught In Pennal Tunnel Scandal; Fans Shocked



The 38-years old businessman, as well as actor, is in the headlines once again. Raja Petra Kamarudin has lodged certain allegations involving the Penang Undersea Tunnel Project. Zenith Corporation is now ready to open the old case. Last Tuesday, G. Gnanaraja was accused of committing fraud with Consortium Zenith Corporation (CZC).

The alleged amount is almost RM 19 million.

Besides being in the news on such a hot topic, this person is truly an interesting character. He was a former "Datuk Seri" but finally forwent the title during March 2019. 

The Pahang State Secretary clearly stated the fact that the prestigious title has been taken back from him. However, he has not clarified the exact reason behind such a harsh decision.

According to the sources, Gnanaraja has not yet returned the medal. Moreover, he is still claiming the title of Datuk Seri, which has been reportedly revoked from him.

It is true that apart from the title, the world knows this person as a leader in various roles. 

He is the Chairman of Luminari Property Berhad, Malaysian Agro Entrepreneurs Association President, Chairman of G Global Media, Budding actor of Bollywood, and many more. Thus, his roles and activities are always in the limelight, whatsoever. Formerly, G Gnanaraja was the non-executive independent director of AirAsia Berhad in 2015. His official website also reveals the fact that he is also a founder of a film production company. 

The co- owner of this company is his lovely wife, Datuk G Geethanjali. She is already a celebrity among the Tamil Community.

The Penang Government is still confused about the fact that CZC paid RM 22 million to two individuals.

Moreover, it has urged the company to clarify the reason behind this action with proper explanation.

The company stated that RM 19million went to an unnamed businessman's pockets, whereas the rest went to the Baling MP. Now, the unidentified person's name is very clear to everyone, and it is G. Gnanaraja. In the later stage, a different truth came in front of everyone. The company paid such a huge amount to Gnanaraja to suppress corruption in the project. Therefore, it was only a step to avoid further investigations. Moreover, the senior executive of CZC explained that they got a threat to give this lump sum to cover up the case. They believed because Gnanaraja said that he has deep connections with the Government.

This incident was the main reason behind his arrest by MACC. Moreover, MACC seized all his properties, bank accounts, car, etc. As per the reliable sources, investigations are still going on to find out the remaining amount. Although the maximum amount has been recovered, yet this is not all. Hence, the police suspect that more money has been invested somewhere else or kept in secret bank accounts. Soon, the truth will come to the limelight.

It is important to mention over here that for Gnanaraja, this kind of allegation is not the first incident.

Similar other allegations are already there against him in the past days.

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