decision to greenlight Govt-19 vaccines for senior citizens in Florida

The decision to greenlight Govt-19 vaccines for senior citizens in Florida has sparked long lines at vaccination sites, with experts smashing county computer systems and hospital phone banks, experts say. It is clear that the supply is not close enough to meet the extraordinary need. Gov. Ron Desantis “decided to give priority to essential workers for Florida residents over the age of 65,” Aubrey Juvet, a longtime Florida political observer and associate professor of political science at Central Florida University, said in an email. “This is a different priority from the federal recommendation, but is justified by the fact that Florida has the 2nd largest percentage of seniors in the country (about 20%) and those over the age of 65 have an 80% mortality rate from the Govt-19.

We’ve been here for months and it’s disappointing, but not unexpected.

Other corona virus advances include:
The NBC reports that the United States has reported more than 20 million cases of the corona virus. Both 20,009,072 cases and 345,699 deaths due to Govt-19 are leading numbers globally.
The purpose is not immediately clear; Police and the FBI are investigating.

Doctors and nurses in Southern California say they are reaching a breakdown as new cases continue to flood the “relentless” hospitals and intensive care units.
The rich were rich during the epidemics, while the savings of millions of Americans disappeared and many businesses were destroyed.

The U.S. economy continued to struggle as the number of Americans who filed early week unemployment claims rose to 787,000 last week.
President-elect Joe Biden plans to hold a nationwide memorial service to mourn those killed by the corona virus a day before taking office next month.
Sen from Georgia. David Bertue, a Republican, will have to isolate himself following a test in favor of his re-election team member Covid-19 next week.

Food banks and hospitals in the Mississippi Delta have been stretched thin as the crisis has spread across the region.
Representative-elect Maria Elvira Salazar, R-Fla., Will miss the inauguration ceremony in Washington on Sunday because she tested positive for the corona virus.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit in Austin after local authorities imposed new Govt-19 restrictions on food services over New Year’s weekend.
The The first come, first served The vaccination roll this week in Lee County, southwest Florida, created an embarrassing national scene – hundreds of senior citizens, many dressed in blankets and

winter coats, camped overnight in long queues at test sites for quick exits from vaccines.

“We do not see the outbreak of new lawsuits,” he said on April 29, the day Disantis signed An administrative order To reopen Florida less than two months after isolation.

But as of Thursday, Florida had the third-highest number of Covid-19 cases in the country at 1.3 million, according to the latest NBC news report. In contrast, there were 966,384 in New York.

As experts weigh in on vaccine distribution issues, the state Department of Health closed the book in 2020 with 17,192 new confirmed corona virus cases reported, the largest single day total since the outbreak.

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