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Defense Technologies Intl Corp (OTC:DTII): Emerging Security Technology Stock To Watch

If you are currently looking into security technology companies then it could be a good time to consider having a closer look into Defense Technologies Intl Corp (OTC:DTII). The company is currently best known for its patented ‘passive scanning technology’ and the associated ‘passive portal’.

The Passive Portal is passive and non-invasive and can detect slight changes in the magnetic field of the earth due to the presence of weapons like guns and knives that a person may conceal. More importantly, the Passive Portal does not emit any radiation and is poses no health risks at all. The company came up with a new technology named EBT Station which offers an Elevated Body Temperature and options for mask detection. It scans the temperatures of people who have recorded zero contact and then comes up with contract tracing of those people. The two products from Defense Technologies are crucial when it comes to the fight against crimes and the spread of infectious diseases.

The company came up with a key update back on March 31, 2023. At the time it announced that the Passive Portal was being manufactured by its subsidiary Passive Security Scan Inc at a manufacturing facility located in Dallas, Texas. It was further noted that all the other scanners in the market included electromagnetic radiation but that was not the case with Passive Portal. It was named that way since it senses passively and was entirely harmless. The company also enumerated the advantages of the technology in the press release.

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