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Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami Is A Top-Down Shooter Video Game

Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami Is A Top-Down Shooter Video Game

Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami is a top-down shooter video game invented by Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin. Devolver Digital published the game, which was released for Microsoft Windows on October 23, 2012. The game is set in 1989 Miami and includes an unknown main character “Jacket” by enthusiasts has been getting coded messages on his answering machine ordering him to commit murders against the local Russian mob. The game has a top-down viewpoint, stealth, scenes of violence, and strange narration, as well as an 80s-inspired soundtrack and aesthetics.

David Lynch had the most impact on the plot of the game. Drive, a 2011 film, had a significant effect on the plot. Gordon Freeman, the Half-Life series’ mute protagonist, was also influential. The film Cocaine Cowboys impacted the developer’s idea to situate the film in 1980s Miami.

It must be confusing for those who are unaware of the game that the jacket is wearing a hotline Miami jacket. Jacket is a person who doesn’t have a specific name. His style is admired by his fans which is his hot Miami jacket. He plays a very serious role and involves in assassinations. Being a protagonist, he is adored by his fans.

Jacket’s personality

As a mute protagonist, most of Jacket’s personality is left to the player’s perception of the series events or remains a mystery for the most part. Jacket, on the other hand, is a psychologically ill, violent, and all-around murderous lunatic who wreaks havoc wherever he goes. Jacket is a man who likes “hurting other people” and never fully gets over it until he decides to quit fighting.

His dressing style

Jacket is a man in his mid-20s to early 30s, with medium-length blond hair parted in the front. He wears a regular dark green uniform and a huge rucksack throughout his tenure as a soldier in Hawaii. Jacket wears a blue medical gown and bandages over his head while in the hospital.

Hot Miami varsity jacket

Hotline Miami jackets are nowadays trending on social media. The unique design with the use of different materials like leather and wool has made it look like a high octane jacket. It is a versatile, dynamic, and cool jacket. Many of the manufacturers have copied this unique design and added some new definitions to it to make a new design.

Jacket details

It’s a simple style jacket that contains a sticker of the letter B. The button closure makes it look more convenient to style with any shirt. The buttons are of the same color as the sleeve to create a sense of contrast to it. The hot Miami jacket gives off a sporty vibe. The color combination of brown and beige looks so classy. It is available in different colors like yellow, white and green. You can style it with a plain white T-shirt and jeans. Its attractive design will make people stare at your clothing.

Comfortable wear

The jacket has a viscose lining which makes it comfortable to wear. This hotline Miami jacket is best for winters as it will lock all the warmth inside. Its leather material will protect you from the cold. It also contains two pockets so that you can stuff it with your essentials or also you can keep your hands warm inside. The jacket also gives a good shape to your body hence it’s perfect in every aspect. It will be the best choice in winter, so for gamers. By wearing it you can visualize the whole game. Apart from gaming, it can gain the attention of people around you.

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