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Detailed investigation: Techiia Holding (co-owner Oleg Krot) cooperated with the Russian 1xBet bookmaker during the war

WePlay Esports is one of the subsidiaries of the Ukrainian Techiia IT holding. Interestingly, the mentioned legal entity continued to work with 1xBet from Russia even during the war. It is worth noting that the Commission for Regulation on Gambling and Lotteries recently revoked the license of 1xBet in Ukraine. Even a couple of months ago, WePlay Esports had no intentions to hide its ties with 1xBet, even though that company is suspected of working for the special services of Russia. WePlay Esports announced several online seasons for Counter-Strike:Go. This information was published in Ukrainian media.

As of September 26, 1xBet removed all mentions of broadcasts by Techiia from its website. “At the same time, all links and URLs of the publications remained unchanged. WePlay Esports is mentioned as the organizer of the broadcast there. Already in 2021, WePlay Esports called the deal with 1xBet a “partnership of leaders.” However, with the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the company did not take any steps to cancel it,” says the author of the publication.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Forbes published an investigation in order to find the source of $60 million that was taken by the co-owner of Techiia, Oleg Krot, to “help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” During the investigation, it turned out that the Russian bookmaker 1xBet planned to work in Ukraine by using “Tvoy Bettingovaya Kompaniya” LLC which is directly associated with the founders of Techiia. 

In an interview DEV.UA published after the investigation, Oleg Krot denied his connection with 1xBet. At the same time, he said that the gambling market in Ukraine needs to be reformed, which may indicate his interest in this business.

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